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Q: Definition for water cycle
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Related questions

What is the definition of accumulation in the water cycle?

The definition of accumulation in the water cycle means when water gets gathered and stays in the soils trees and plant etc.

What is the water cycle main definition?


Is the water cycle continuous?

Have you ever looked up the definition of cycle?

What is the definition of water cycle?

The definition of water cycle is the process by which water is used and recycled throughout the environment. It is used by plants or animals, evaporates into the air, and is then returned to the ground through precipitation.

What is the definition for the term water cycle?

The water cycle is the constant renewing of the water through the series evaporation, condensation, and precipitation

What is the definition for runoff in the water cycle?

it is the rain that is left on the land and then it runs the oceans,rivers etc and then evaporation comes. The water cycle begins again

What is the science definition of accumulation?

Well it depends if you talking about the mensturing cycle or the water cycle.. In general it means testicles.

What is the definition of the prefix cycle?

cycle means circle. Like the cycle of water; it goes on and on in a circle. Bicycle (if you divide it up) means 2 wheels.

Is the water cycle in life science?

what is the definitionย 

Is the water cycle is the repeated movement of water through the environment in different form?

Yes, absolutely. Great definition.

What is the definition for the water cycle?

The water cycle, is a naturally occurring cycle which purifies and renews the Earth's water. Usually starting with evaporation, the water is turned into steam and lifted to form clouds which then come back down in the from of precipitation. Then the precipitation runs off surfaces into drainage basins, underground water sources or large bodies of water. Then they are again evaporated and the cycle continues.

Condensation water cycle definition?

The cooling of water vapor in the atmosphere is known as condensation. It then comes to earth in the form of precipitation.

What is the definition of dynastic cycle?

"Dynastic cycle" is a Chinese political theory. By definition, it is the name for the cycle of the rise and fall of dynasties.

What is an non example for rock cycle?

water cycle

How are precipitation evaporation and ground water involved with the water cycle?

The water evaporates and forms clouds. When the clouds get big enough, they cause precipitation. Ground water comes from precipitaion run underground which hydrates plants. The water cycle will then begin again. This definition is in literal terms.

What is waters favorite way to travel?

water cylce

What Is the Definition Dynastic Cycle?

A dynastic cycle is a cycle of dynasties.

What is a small definition of the water cycle?

The sun evaporates water from oceans and lakes. The water vapor gathers into clouds. When the clouds have to, they drop the water as rain. The water runs into rivers, lakes and oceans.

What is the definition of percolation in the water cycle?

The movement of water through the soil and layers by gravity and capillary forces is called percolation. The water can also be passed through permeable rock by this process.

What is the definition of the rock cycle in your own words?

cycle of rock

What is the definition of engineering cycle?

The cycle of which engineers use to solve things.

What is the definition of salt in the water cycle?

Broke down sediment from rocks that gets mixed in the ocean.

Why is thair water in the water cycle?

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

What do water cycle mean?

the water cycle is the cycle of water and what it goes through

What is the name of water movement between Earths surface and the atmosphere?

water cycleWater cycle!the water cycle.The water cycle