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Definition of ACPI fixed feature button?

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A ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) fixed feature button is a button on a computer keyboard that only operates one feature, such as a designated internet or email button.

2008-08-31 13:55:15
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Power-saving feature computer standards?


How do you make Pentium II ACPI compliant?

ACPI is a function of the hardware and the BIOS. Most Pentium II motherboards do have ACPI, but you cannot add ACPI to a system that does not. If you cannot get ACPI to work, check to see if it is enabled in the BIOS.

Most motherboards bios and operating systems support a power saving feature using standards developed by Intel?

ACPI Function

To what ACPI mode does Vista sleep mode correspond?

ACPI S3 mode

What does acpi stand for?

ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. ACPI provides a standard for configuring devices and managing power for the operating system.

What does ACPI use to control power management?

ACPI is the successor APMOperating System

Has Green Star been replaced by ACPI?

Green Star is a corporation. ACPI is a standard.

What does acpi use to control the power management?

With ACPI the operating system controls power management.

What are three manufacturers responsible for the initial development of ACPI?

ACPI was initally developed by Intel, Microsoft, and Toshiba. Current developers of ACPI include Phoenix, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard.

How do you download sleep mode on xp?

"Sleeping" is a feature of the computer BIOS. If Windows XP does not provide an option to "Sleep", make sure that ACPI is enabled in your BIOS.

What power standard is older than ACPI and has been mostly replaced by ACPI?

APM (Advanced Power Management).

What power management standard is older than ACPI and has mostly been replaced by ACPI?

APM (Advanced Power Management).

What power management standard is older than ACPI and has been mostly replaced by ACPI?

Advanced Power Management (APM).

What is acpi multiprocessor PC?

An ACPI processor helps the computer recognized motherboard, hardware and drivers. It just replaces the old AMP standard.

You are troubleshooting a system that will not boot the user of the system sayss that he replaced the acpi hal with a non acpi hal how do you solve this problem?

Replace the original HAL.

What does the acronym 'ACPI' stand for?

First released in December of 1996, "ACPI" stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. It defines platform-independent interfaces for hardware discovery, configuration, power management and monitoring. It was originally developed by Intel, Microsoft, and Toshiba.

How do you install Ubuntu with no ACPI?

Ubuntu does not require ACPI to be present in order to work. If the kernel attempts to load an ACPI module, but finds that the computer does not support it, or is too old for it to work reliably, it will display a small banner across the top of the screen for a second, and continue booting. To turn off the attempt to load ACPI, press F6 on the boot menu for the CD, and add acpi=off You may have to modify the GRUB menu after installation to make the change permanent. To modify the GRUB menu, open a terminal, and enter sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst The add the "acpi=off" to the kernel line of each entry.

Why is it that to stop a Windows 98 you have to click on 'start'?

You don't. If you have a computer that supports ACPI, you can simply press the power button, and Windows will automatically shut down.ANSWERYou don't. You can also remove the battery and/or unplug it.

Another name for the ACPI standard S4 mode?


What does ACPI used to control power management?

operating system.

Away mode puts the computer in which ACPI power state?


How do you check battery level on Ubuntu in the terminal?

[sudo] acpi -b

What does ACPI mean in computer terms?

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

What is the current energy saving standard used by most PC?


What is ACPI standard S2?

In technical terms ACPI or Advanced Configuration and Power Interface provides guidelines for configuring a peripheral device. The S2 standard describes that CPIU (or Central Processing Unit) is powered off.