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Definition of a compound predicate?

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Definition for compound subject and predicate?

Well a compound predicate is one or more verbs or verb phrase.

What is compound predicate?

what is a compound predicate

Is Caleb is baking pies for the bake sale a compound predicate or a complete predicate?

Complete predicate

What is difference simple predicate and compound predicate?

A simple predicate is a predicate containing a one word and a compound predicate contains a verb with two words

Is ran a simple subject predicate compound subject or compound predicate?

Ran is just a simple predicate

5 Examples of compound subject and compound predicate?

5 example of compound predicate and subject

What are some examples of compound subject and compound predicate in constructing paragraph about teenage life?

Do you mean a paragraph form entitled "teenagers life" that has compound subject and compound predicate? Well, if you do research about the meaning of compound subject and compound predicate,you could easily construct a paragraph that has compound subject and compound predicate.

Compound subject or compound predicate Every year Jake and Katie go to a kite-flying contest at school?

a compound predicate

Kate wrote and edited the article for the school newspaper. What is the compound subject and compound predicate?

The subject isn't compound -- Kate is the subject.Wrote and edited is the compound predicate.

Compound Subject and Compound Predicate?

What is the compound subject and compound predicate in this sentance? My prefered subject is english literature.

What is a compound subject and predicate?

Here are some examples: Mark and Jesse ran to school. (compound subject = Mark and Jesse) Reading and spelling are difficult for him. (compound subject = reading and spelling) She ran and jumped. (compound predicate = ran and jumped) The fans yelled and cheered. (compound predicate = yelled and cheered) The boy ran and the girl walked. (compound subject = boy / girl, compound predicate = ran / walked)

What is a compound sentence with a compound predicate?

A compound sentence is a sentence that contains two or more simple sentences joined by and, or, or but; a compound predicate is a predicate that has two or more verbs with the same subject. Example:Mr. Jones took the invitations to the post office, and he stamped and mailed them.

Example of compound predicate?

The predicate is that part of the sentence that contains the verb. He ran and jumped and shouted and cried. 'He' is the subject. 'ran and jumped and shouted and cried' is the predicate and because it contains more than one verb, it is a compound predicate.

Is this a compound subject or compound predicate for He or she could tell you?

The statement "He or she could tell you" has a compound subject - there are two nouns preceding the verb. A compound predicate would be "He could tell you about airplanes or about trains."

Simple predicte definition?

Are you referring to the definition to be simple or the definition of "simple predicate"? Anyway, I'm thinking that you mean the former. A simple predicate is the word that shows what is happening. In the before sentence, is is the simple predicate. "is the word that shows what is happening" is the whole predicate. A verb will not always be the simple predicate, and simple predicates will not always be 1 word.

Definition for subject and predicate?


What is the simple predicate in the compound predicate?

rode on a bus one day in the city of Montgomery.

Is this a compound predicate the horses eat hay or they eat grain?

No because if it said The horses eat hay and grain then it would be a compound predicate:)

What is a compound poem?

A compound poem is a poem that has two or more predicate

How is a compound sentence and how is it different from a compound subject or predicate?

it u rite in the as

Example of simple predicate?

what is compound subject

Can you give me an imperative sentence with a compound predicate using the word chic?

An imperative sentence voices a command and a compound predicate is two or more predicates with the same subject. An imperative sentence using the word chic and a compound predicate is: You must be chic and have elegance!

Other examples of compound subject and compound predicate?

anne and I song and rough

Which part of speech links a compound subject and a compound predicate?


When does a sentence have a compound subject or a compound predicate or both?

A compound subject is more than one subject (not just a single word meaning more than one). A compound predicate is more than one action by the same subject. Rarely, you may have both a compound subject and a compound predicate.Examples:"Bill and Dan are friends." "The man and his dog go running together." (compound subjects)"The writer sits and watches TV until he gets an idea." (compound predicate : sits/watches)"The child and his mother visited the park and fed animals at the zoo."(child/mother subject, visited/fed predicate)

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