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Definition of sundry credits?

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Sundry Credits represent items/transactions which cannot be classified immediately under any credit account.

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What is the definition of sundry debtors and sundry creditors?

The person to whom you have sold goods.(Consumer is the debtor.)

What is the definition for sundry debtor in Tamil?

payment to supplier

Definition of sundry creditor?

refers to companies or individuals to which money is owed.

What is the definition for sundry times?

It means at various times and in various ways

What is the definition of a sundry debtor?

Sundry debtors means the debtor to whom goods are sold on credit for various reason not merely goods sell on credit.

What is the definition of concept of confidentiality?

The idea that something will not be broadcast or shared with all and sundry.

What is the definition for sundry debtor?

SUNDRY - Miscellaneous small or infrequent customers that are not assigned individual ledger accounts but are classified as a group.SUNDRY CREDITORS - refers to companies or individuals to which money is owed.SUNDRY DEBTOR - is an entity from who amounts are due for goods sold or services rendered or in respect of contractual obligations. Also termed: debtor, trade debtor, and account receivable.

What is a sundry account?

A sundry account is a corporate account typically used for recording miscellaneous items for which an appropriate account has not yet been established. Sundry accounts are usually temporary or in-process accounts, meaning they must be cleared to a zero balance (total debits must equal total credits) at the end of each accounting period.

What is the meaning of Sundry creditors?


What is the difference between Sundry debtors And Sundry Creditors?

Sundry Debtors are from whom we have to take money and to sundry creditors we owe money.

How is all and sundry used in a sentence?

The boy had sundry of sundaes for his birthday sundry - plenty

What rhymes with sundry?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word sundry.

What is the difference between a sundry debtor and a sundry creditor account?

sundry debtor is whom they baught goods on credit basis

What is mean by sundry debtor and sundry creditor?

Sundry Debtor is a person who bought goods or received service from us (Customer) Sundry Creditor is a person whom we received the goods are service (Our Vendor)

Make a sentence with the word sundry?

You just said the word sundry.

Sundry creditors shows?

sundry creditor shows credit balance

How do you use sundry in a sentence eminence?

The sundry options in the menu confused me.

Can sundry creditors make sale to sundry debtors?

yep its returns

What is the journal entry for sundry creditors?

Debit expensesCredit sundry creditors

What is sundry debtor and sundry creditor?

If we provide some services to the vendors they are paying for our services therefore the person who are paying us becomes our sundry debtors.

What does sundry mean?

Sundry means "separate", "diverse", or "consisting of an assortment of different kinds".

What is the meaning of the phrase 'all and sundry'?

All and sundry means everyone and/or everything.

How do you use sundry in a sentence?

The woman's purse contained a large amount of sundry items.

What is the collective noun for sundry shops?

There is no standard collective noun for a group of sundry shops.

What is a sentence for sundry?

Our sales team are waiting to take your order for coffee, teas or sundry items.

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