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Q: Definition of value for aquaculture
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What is disadvantage of aquaculture?

what are some disadvantages of aquaculture

What is aquaculture all about?

i believe that aquaculture is about water and marine life i think this because of the name aquaculture and aqua is water.

Differentiate between capture fishery mariculture and aquaculture?

Capture fishing is where fish is obtained from natural sources, and mariculture involves having marine fish for commercial purposes, while aquaculture involves production of aquatic animals considered of high economic value.

When was Aquaculture International created?

Aquaculture International was created in 1993.

What has the author Alice E Exner written?

Alice E. Exner has written: 'Aquaculture, economics and marketing' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Bibliography, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture

How can you use aquaculture in a sentence?

Aquaculture means raising food in an underwater "farm." Here are some sentences.We raised enough food by aquaculture to last for the winter.He tried aquaculture, but he couldn't make the plants grow.They raised seaweed by aquaculture.

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture-The practice of raising a fish and other water organisms for food.

What is the SIC Code for Animal Aquaculture?


What are the 10 branches of agriculture?

aquaculture, agricultural engineering.

What is extensive aquaculture?

extensive aquaculture is low production, low cost aquaculture. An example of this would be if you had a pond for raising Tilapia in Africa, and were only raising them to feed the community you were in.

What has the author Paula Holland written?

Paula Holland has written: 'Managing resource use conflicts in aquaculture' -- subject(s): Aquaculture industry, Fishery resources, Management 'Disaster risk management in the Pacific' -- subject(s): Emergency management, Risk management, Natural disasters 'Aquaculture policy' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture industry, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Aquaculture industry, Fishery management, Government policy

What is the difference between capture fishing mariculture and aquaculture?

1.Aquaculture is related to freshwater, mariculture is identified with seawater. 2. Aquaculture is the branch involving the whole spectrum of fish products. But Mariculture pertains to a branch of aquaculture. 3. Aquaculture is farming of salt water and freshwater organisms like finfish, crustaceans molluscs and aquatic plants. Mariculture, on the other hand is a specialized wing of aquaculture that is undertaken in marine environments.

As of 2006 nearly half of US aquaculture as measured by dollar value depended on what fish about half of which in turn comes from Mississippi?


What has the author Bernard J Whelan written?

Bernard J. Whelan has written: 'Aquaculture in Ireland' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Aquaculture

What has the author Randall D Johnson written?

Randall D. Johnson has written: 'Profiles of aquaculture in Michigan' -- subject(s): Aquaculture industry, Aquaculture, Fish-culture

Name the places where aquaculture is taken place?

name the places where aquaculture is taken place in Guyana

What is the NAICS Code for Other Animal Aquaculture?

NAICS 112519 applies to Other Animal Aquaculture.

Is aquaculture a type of irrigation?

No. Aquaculture refers to a type of agriculture where primarily fish are raised for food.

What is an aquaculture?

An aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic produce such as aquatic plants, fish, and other aquatic animals.

What has the author K G Rajbanshi written?

K. G. Rajbanshi has written: 'Aquaculture extension services review' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture stations, Government policy

What is a normal paycheck for a aquaculture veterinarian?

Aquaculture Veterinarians can expect to make between $90,000-$110,000 CAD

What is the definition for place value?

what is place value means

Definition of absolute value?

Absolute value is a measure of distance.

What is an example of a sentence using the word aquaculture?

I'm almost ready to invest in aquaculture.

What has the author Yung-Cheng Shang written?

Yung-Cheng Shang has written: 'Aquaculture economics' -- subject(s): Aquaculture industry 'Follow-up programmes on economics of aquaculture in the South China Sea region' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Economic aspects of Aquaculture 'Aquaculture economic analysis' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture 'Freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) production in Hawaii' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Shrimp culture, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, Shrimp culture 'Economics of various management techniques for pond culture of finfish' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Fish-culture, Fish-culture 'The production of threadfin shad as live bait for Hawaii's skipjack tuna fishery' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Fish-culture, Fish-culture, Threadfin shad, Tuna fisheries