Demonstrate two ways to carry skis and poles safely?

Learn Ways to Carry Skis

Use both hands to carry the skis. You should stand them straight up and grasp the skis one hand over another. This technique is the hardest and may require you to wear your ski gloves for cushion.
Lift the skis once you have a good grip on them (and be sure they are locked together) and place them over your shoulder, with the flat side down. You should be able to balance the skis evenly over your shoulder while only using one arm to keep them steady. This is one of the best ways to carry skis for a longer distance, just be sure you are conscience of how close people and objects are to the front or the back of your skis.
Hold the skis at your waist, using your hip for support if you do not want to carry them on your shoulder. This technique can also be done using only one arm for balance. The skis will get heavy if you are carrying them for any significant distance, luckily you can switch sides easily and have your other arm do some work.
Purchase a carry case. Most ski area retail stores will sell carry cases for skis and poles as well as for ski boots. The carry cases for skis and poles offer you an enclosed area for storage and a shoulder strap.
Purchase a ski rack for your car. This is the best way to travel with multiple pairs of skis. You can attach a special rack directly on the roof of your car and snap in up to five pairs of skis.