Density of saltwater?

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What is the density of Saltwater?

The density of saltwater is 1.03g/ml!

Why does an uncooked egg float in saltwater?

Because the density of the egg is lower than the density of the saltwater Because the density of the egg is lower than the density of the saltwater

How does the density of saltwater differ from that of freshwater?

the densities are different (Saltwater has a greater density than freshwater.)

Does saltwater or freshwater have higher denstiy?

Saltwater has a higher density than freshwater.

Does freshwater or saltwater have a greater density?

Salt water has a greater density.

Does evaporation of saltwater cause density to increase or decrease?

The density of the water increases.

Why does saltwater have more density than fresh water?

Yes, it does.

How can you find the density of saltwater?

Take a sample. Measure its mass and volume. divide. Density = m/v

Will 500 gallons of saltwater have the same density as one gallon of freshwater?


What wetlands in India has the highest density of saltwater crocodilecrocodylus porosus?

Bhitarkanika Mangroves

What will float in saltwater but not float in tap water?

Objects that contain a higher density that water will sink, but if the same object has a lower density that saltwater, then it will float in salt water. And this also depends on the concentration of sodium ions present in the salt water. As the concentration of the sodium ions increase, the density of the salt water increases.

What are physical and chemical properties that could be used to distinguish water and a saltwater solution?

Taste. density.

Why does plain water sit above the saltwater without mixing it?

It has a lower density,because there is no salt in it.

What is the density of saltwater at 4 degrees celsius?

Despite what your teacher told you. There are indeed stupid questions and this is one of them. The only way you can answer this question is to ask another one. How salty is the saltwater?

Why would egg float in saltwater and and not freshwater?

Salt water has a higher density. The general rule is that an object will float if it has less density than the liquid in which it is placed.

Why is it easier to float in saltwater than in fresh water then in fresh water?

Salt water has a greater density.

Why is the freezing rate slower for saltwater than any other liquid?

It is so because of its high density.

Why does freshwater float on saltwater?

Salt water is denser hence HEAVIER then fresh water, Salt Water has a density of 1.02g/ml and Fresh Water has a density of 1.00g/ml.

Why does an egg float in saltwater?

floating is only possible when the (mean) density of the solid is lower than the surrounding fluid it is immersed in.

Density of freshwater compared with saltwater?

Fresh water by definition is 1.0 and depending upon which salt water, typically 1.025

Why saltwater fish can live in saltwater?

because saltwater fish must be live in saltwater

Will a coin rust faster in saltwater or freshwater?

In saltwater. In saltwater.

What type of crocodile like saltwater?

The saltwater crocodile likes saltwater.

Why would a freshwater aquarium be dangerous for saltwater fish?

The density and pressure of saltwater is different from freshwater as is much of the bacterias and parasites. The acidity of the water is also of concern as the lower the PH the higher the acidity of the water. Saltwater being of a higher PH would not handle the lower PH of freshwater very well. Also if moving a freshwater fish to saltwater that fish will lose a great amount of water in it's body causing death and if the saltwater fish is moved to freshwater it will gain great amounts of water causing death.

Is the north sea saltwater?

It is saltwater