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Q: Describe explain cell metabolism
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How to Describe the process of cell metabolism in skin?

can you explain skin cell's metabolism

What are the terms used to describe all the chemical reactions that occur in a cell?

the answer is metabolism :)

Describe the role of mitochondria in the metabolism of eukaryotic cells?

they turn food into usable energy for the cell

The term used to describe the total chemical changes that occur inside a cell is?


When was Cell Metabolism created?

Cell Metabolism was created in 2005.

How can one learn about cell metabolism?

There are many ways one can learn about cell metabolism. One can learn about cell metabolism at popular on the web sources such as Nature and Biology Reference.

Describe the function and structure of the nucleus?

A large, membrane-bound, usually spherical protoplasmic structure within a living cell, containing the cell's hereditary material and controlling its metabolism, growth, and reproduction.

Do plant cells need to Cary out respiration explain?

Yes each living cell need energy to sustain life, hence it respires to get energy for its metabolism

Explain the structure and function of a cell?

Cells are microscopic and serve as the basic unit of life. Some of their functions include: metabolism, cellular division, regulation and responding to stimuli.

Where does anaerobic metabolism occur in the cell?

mitochondria of a cell.

Does biological epithelial cell metastibility have to do with metastasis or metabolism?

the answer is metabolism

What is the process of cell metabolism?

== ==

What is the difference between cell and metabolism?

the cell turns into the metabolism

Total of the chemical processes in a cell is?

cell metabolism

What regulates metabolism?

Enzymes.parathyroid glandCell nucleus Enzymes is what regulates metabolism. This is parathyroid gland cell nucleus.

Does your metabolism have anything to do with hair growth?

Yes, metabolism has something to do with the hair growth. Metabolism refers to the cell processes that are necessary for life.

Where does Oxidative metabolism take place?

Oxidative metabolism takes place in the mitochondria of the cell. Oxidative metabolism is the first half of metabolism to break down molecules into energy.

What serves as a control for cell metabolism and reproduction?

what is serves as the control center for cell metabolism and reproductionn3"

Explain the cell theory?

explain the cell theory

Metabolism of a cell?

They are all chemical reactions that take place in the cell..

How do viruses obtain nutrition?

From the host cell. They do not have a metabolism outside of the cell

The rate at which wastes are produced by a cell partially depends on the cell's?


What events of the cell cycle might inhabit general metabolism?

The checkpoint in the stages can inhibit metabolism

How do body cells get food?

A cell gets energy through cell metabolism. Metabolism involves anabolism and catabolism. Metabolism occurs in the cell cytosol as well as in mitochondria. Energy is released in packages.This is through ATP,cells' energy currency.Hydrolysis of ATP involves breakdown of bonds,and bond breakdown releases energy.

Describe the cell membrane of eukaryotic cells explain the importance and how the cell membrane works be sure to include examples?

it is the outer layer of the protection of the cell . it controls what goes in and out of the cell . it contains lipids, proteins , and phosphlipids . its very important because it protects the cell from harmful bacteria and viruses .