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The Vietnam War affected the Americans at home due to civilian loss of life, about 415,000 lives.

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How did the Vietnam war affected Americans at home?

It affects the Americans at home deeply. for some, they have family fighting in the war and they miss them. and for others they just feel sad i guess...

How was the us affected after the Vietnam war?

The United States was affected by the Vietnam War in many ways. The Vietnam War led to veterans coming home ill from the exposure to agent orange, ptsd, and addictions. The country as a whole was affected by a negative economy.

How did the vietnam war affect us soldiers-?

The Vietnam War had affected US soldiers by leaving some of them with psychological issues and leaving many homeless when they returned home.

What did Americans do to express their feelings for the Vietnam War?

spit on troops coming home and call them baby killers

How did America feel about the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was a war fought to help unify Vietnam and stop communism. Americans had differing views on the war. Some opposed and some were for it. In the beginning there were few protests. As time went on and more US soldiers were sent home in body bags more Americans began protesting.

What were Americans protesting during the Vietnam War and why?

The Americans where protesting for there troops to come home from Vietnam because they werent prepared to sacrifice so many lives when they were already loosing the war, this was also unfair for the troops loved ones and family waiting back in the USA

Why was I spit on when I came back from Vietnam thank you fellow Americans?

Reportedly this type of incident occurred to some Southerners when they returned home from the US Civil War. Confederates were Americans too.

Why were the Americans able to win the revolutionary war?

For exactly the same reason, as America lost ths Vietnam war! Lack of public support at home. Washington was a great leader and the Americans were smart.

Who is the Minister of Home Affairs for Vietnam?

Nguyen Thai Binh is the Minister of Home Affairs for Vietnam.

Assignment The Vietnam War Describe the connection between student unrest and the Vietnam War noting how each affected the other?

Student unrest and the war in Vietnam were interconnected. While students were opposing other issues back at home, their main concern was America's involvement in what they deemed a 'win less' war. They felt that way because it was simply impossible to contain communism in Southeast Asia. They also felt that so many poor American kids were going over there to kill or die at the hands of other poor people. The Vietnam War and the lies that accompanied it seriously impacted and affected the student union movement back home. In fact, many people believe it was the war that led to student protests and demonstrations in the first place.

What happen during Vietnam?

on the home front many Americans lost faith in the government because they said one thing and the media said another

How did Prohibition affected the arts?

adventurous new writing was published in Paris due to several Americans moving to Paris to avoid the restrictions at home.

What event caused Americans to believe the Vietnam war was not winnable?

Respected CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite reported from the streets of Hue, South Vietnam immediately after the February, 1968 TET offensive, giving Americans at home the impression that the U.S. forces were defeated in that North Vietnamese military campaign.

How many Americans were sent home in ships after the Vietnam war?

After 1968, by far, the vast majority of US sericemen were transported to and from Vietnam via charter airlines. Second mode of travel was USAF transports: C5 Galaxys, etc.

What year did Vietnam veterans have their welcome home parade?

the Vietnam war veterans welcom home parade was in 1987.

How were Americans affected at home during World War 2?

they would have been sceard and lonely and angry because they kind is goinq down for nothing .

How does amir describe his home?

There are many ways in which Amir might describe his home. He might describe his home as cold or warm for example.

What was the response of Americans back home towards the Vietnam War?

It was ignored until about 1965 when the protest movement became effective. When the Kent State shootings happened, on 4 May 1970, the US public finally demanded an exit from Vietnam.

What difficulties did the Americans have in Vietnam?

Unable to stop (control) the flow of enemy men & material coming into South Vietnam; without widening the war into neighboring neutral countries, and risking a confrontation with the communist superpowers. Losing the support of their fellow countrymen at home.

List three ways the Vietnam war affected Americans at home?

Losing a loved one thru death/MIA/POW. Having a loved one handicapped for life (e.g. amputee, wheel chair, etc.). Turning down offers of home buying, relocations, careers, marriages, children, college, etc. due to the uncertainty of the draft (not knowing when "your number is going to be called").

By 1967 how did most Americans feel about us involvement in the Vietnam war?

By 1967, most American students did not favor U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. There were many demonstrations taking place against the war. Soldiers coming home from the war were not greeted warmly.

How did world war 2 impact the Chinese Americans?

It affected them because many citizens had a negative outlook on them because their home country was fighting against us in the war.

Why did many Americans apose US participation in World War 2?

They did not see how a war in Europe affected the United States and were much more concerned with problems at home.

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