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Describe mode of transportation?

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the process in which one object, or substance is take from one place to another

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What is the traditional mode of transportation in the Sahara Desert?

The tradition mode of transportation is by camel.

What mode of transportation opened in England in 1830?

The railroad became the primary mode of transportation

What mode of transportation is The Polar Express?

the mode transportation of the Polar Express is the big train

What is Greece's main mode of transportation?

The main mode of transportation in Greece is the Ferry Transport.

How do you spell transportation?

That is the correct spelling of "transportation" (mode of travel or shipment).

What is the main mode of transportation around the world?

The main mode is car.

What is the most popular mode of transportation in china?

Bikes is the most popular transportation

Can you use transportation in a sentence?

i would prefer a faster mode of transportation, but the bus will have to do.

What mode of transportation did settlers use on the river?

the transportation the settlers use is a flatboat

When Gulliver leaves Lilliput for Blefuscu what mode of transportation does he use?

When Gulliver leaves Lilliput for Blefuscu he uses a Lilliputian ship as the mode of transportation.

What mode of transportation was used in the Bible?


What is the most popular mode of transportation in the US?


What was Popular mode of transportation in 1669?


What is the mode main transportation in Europe?


What mode of transportation do they use in Jamaica?


What is a palindrome of a fast mode of transportation?


What is the best mode of transportation in Monaco?


What is harry styles mode of transportation?


What mode of transportation did Columbus use?

i do not now

What is the best mode of transportation in Jamaica?


Do they have cars in France for a mode of transportation?

Yes, In France a car is still used as a mode of transportation. However, is some of the smaller cities they don't use them.

How would you describe Juan Ponce de Leon's crew and transportation?

I would describe them as loyal and the transportation was a ship.

What was the mode of transportation in the 1700s?

The most common mode of transportation in the 1700s was the horse. Many people used horses to pull carriages and rode horseback to travel.

Statistically what mode of transportation is the most dangerous?

Nowadays motorcycles seem to be the most affordable kind of transportation, almost anyone can own it. Statistically, motorcycle is number one in the list of the most dangerous mode of transportation.

What is a mode of transportation into space? shuttles