Describe the elements of the exchange process between Netflix and its coustomers?

It's quite simple. Once you've started a subscription with Netflix, simply browse for the titles of the movies you want to rent. Depending on the terms of your subscription, the first quantity of movies should arrive in 1-2 business days. If your subscription allows you to have out three movies at one time, for example, you will receive the first three movies on your list.

Each movie arrives in its own envelope. Each has a perforated, disposable cover. The DVD is found in an inner sleeve.

You have as long as you like to watch the movies. There are no due dates. When you're done with a movie, put the DVD back in its sleeve, then put the sleeve back in the same envelope you received it in. Remove the strip of plastic to expose a self-adhesive flap, seal the envelope and drop it in the mail. The postage is already paid, so there's no need for a stamp.

When Netflix receives the movie, they'll send the next one on your queue, the list of movies you're maintaining on line.