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Q: Describe the functions of Indian supreme court?
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Who is the Indian judiciary is headed by?

The Indian Judiciary is headed by the Supreme Court.

Who is the guardian of the Indian constitution?

Supreme Court is the guardian of Indian constitution.

What court does Bob Woodward describe in The Brethren?

The US Supreme Court.

Who is the Chief Justice of Indian supreme Court?


Who is the custodian of Indian constitution?

Supreme court of India

Name of all supreme court chief justice in India?

Who is presents Indian supreme court chief justicE

Describe the levels of a typical state court system?

Circuit Court - Court of Appeals - State Supreme Court.

What is the difference between the Apex Court and the Supreme Court?

The term is mostly found in texts originated in India, where the Apex Court stands for the Indian Supreme Court. Most other countries use the term "Supreme Court," although there may be variations in some places. In the United States, the high court is called the Supreme Court of the United States, but is more commonly referred to as the US Supreme Court. Both Apex and Supreme typically refer to a government body's highest court of appeals. A court that have high ranking in a country is called supreme court indian supreme court is sometimes called apex court

Why is supreme court called the guardian of Indian constitution?

Because the supreme court is given the power to protect ,safeguard,and uphold the constitution and empower to declare a law null and void if it is found to be in consistant with the constitution.Therefore supreme court is said to be the guardian of indian constitution.

Indian supreme court judge use which language?

English Language

Who is the guardian of fundamental rights enumerated in Indian constitution?

Supreme Court

Who was the first Indian woman Supreme Court judge?

sonia gandhi

What is the age requirement for INDIAN Supreme Court justices?

65 years

Who is Indian supreme court judge now?

S H Kapadia

Functions of Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court is responsible for signing off on laws made by Congress. It is also responsible for making sure the Constitution is being upheld.

Where is the NY Supreme Court located?

Most functions of the court are at: 60 Centre St., N.Y., N.Y. 10007

Supreme court of India was set up by?

Indian Council Act 1861

Who is the first lady judge in Indian supreme court?

dali rum cart

What pair of supreme court cases dealt with federal Indian policy?


Who is the custodian of the Indian constitution?

The constitution made the supreme court as the custodian and protector

Which words best describe President Roosevelt's relationship with the Supreme Court?


Describe how president Jackson reacted to the supreme court decision supporting the Cherokees rights?

He ignored the Supreme Court's decision and forcibly removed the Cherokee from their land.

Can Indian president change a supreme court verdict?

Yes president has the power to do so.

Who denied the states had the right to take Indian lands?

The United States Supreme Court.

Who is Indian Supreme Court chief justice?

which of these u.s.president appeared on the television series laugh in