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Describe the noblity of zainab akhtar and khadija elahi?

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September 12, 2011 3:41PM

Zainab and Khadija (1850-1936) were very noble and pious women. they were full of thought and were very kind. they were rare beauties....

"Anyone who came within ten yards of them would swoon and sigh at their utter

sight because they were so stunning yet they were humble and modest", says spokesman Mohammad ali.

Hamza khaaniwala [correspondent] (1888-1987) termed them as "very kind and helpful" but he adds that they were never conceited.

hamza's nephew did a historical project once on the nobility of zainab and khadija and scored 10 on 10 for everyone was amazed by them.

A wise man (1800-1899) once said that he had never encountered such absolutely divine philantropists in all his long life.

"They were the cool dudettes of their time despite their piety" says yousuf mauja pathaani. " They knew the modes of modesty and were very loyal people"