Describe the process of osmoregulation in the amoeba?

First i will like to introduce you to Osmoregulation

Osmoregulation is the ability of an organism to maintain a constant osmotic

pressure within the blood and tissue fluid.

Different chemical activities in the body produce many by-products several of

which are wastes. These waste products if allowed to accumulate will turn out

to be toxic and affect the physiological activities of the body cells. These wastes

have to be expelled out or it may eventually result in the death of the


Excretion is performed by the contractile vacuole.The content within the tissues

of amoeba is hypotonic due to the salt concentration. so water turns to enter

the cells rapidly than it is needed. The excess water if not expelled will

eventually burst the cells.

some of this excess water then diffuse into the contractile vacoule gradually

and gradually until the vacuole becames turgid. The water is then expelled by

diffusion out of the cells.

By A.Smith