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Andrew Jackson could be described as both a rightist and a nationalist. Jackson believed in supporting an ancient regime, where kings ruled the land, which could be considered a rightist attitude. He also believed in the abilities of the common man which could be considered a nationalist attitude.

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What did Andrew Jackson support

President Andrew Jackson and his public land legislature

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Q: Describe the ways in which Andrew Jackson was a states' rightist and what ways he was a nationalist?
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How was Andrew Jackson a states' rightist?

Andrew Jackson sought for the national government to have limited powers. He wanted states to have more exercise over their own laws.

To what extent was Andrew Jackson a states' rightist?

Andrew Jackson was a strong defender of states rights, but not to the extent that they threatened the Union. He believed in the unity of the nation above all else.

How would you describe this president Andrew Jackson?

how wolud u describe this president Andrew Jackson

Did Andrew Jackson act as a sectionalist or nationalist when it came to South Carolina nullification crisis?


How was Andrew Jackson a nationalist?

Jackson tried to keep the union together when South Carolina refused to accept the Tariff of Abominations and threatened secession.

Describe Andrew Jackson's supporters?

Andrew jackson's supporters celebrated his election as a victory for the "common man" over the rich, well-born, and powerful

Words that describe Andrew Jackson?

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What is the term used to describe how Andrew Jackson appointed all his supporters?

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Describe Andrew Jackson?

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Describe Andrew Jackson's practice of rewarding his supporters with government positions?

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What was Andrew Jackson's father's name?

The father of Andrew Jackson was... Andrew Jackson.

What were the names of Andrew Jackson's parents?

Andrew Jackson's parents were: Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson

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