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Describe weather and climate?

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Weather is how the air and precipitation act. Climate is what the weather is like for long periods of time.

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Describe the relationship among meteorology weather and climate?

There is a direct relationship between meteorology and weather and climate. Meteorology is actually the study of weather and climate.

Climate is best describe as?

Climate is best describe as the long-term average of weather variations in a specific area.

What are two factors used to describe climate?

humidity and weather

What does weather and climate describe?

Climate describes the current condition in the atomosphere. Weather decribes the usual condition in the atomosphere. Hope thats helps:)

What is windy cloudy rainy and cold word describe?

they can describe the weather or climate

What three features do people use to describe weather and climate?


What is the name used to describe different regular weather patterns?


What are the two main characteristics describe weather?

air pressure and climate

What two main characteristics describe weather?

air climate, temperature

What word do we use to describe the weather conditions of a particular place?


What four conditions describe the climate of a region?

the weather, climate, wind, and water. sometimes the sun and mountains.

Define in scientific terms the word 'climate' and describe the climate in your area What factors influence the climate in your area?

climate is the change of weather in the world

How would you describe climate in one word?


What is the term used to describe weather over a very long period?


Climate is the weather?

Many people get confused between climate and weather. Climate is long term and usually talks about the weather conditions in a certain place for a long period of time. Words like "hot and humid" or "cold and dry" can be used to describe a climate. Weather on the other hand is a short term and usually talks about a certain time like the weather tomorrow is sunny. Words like "sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, and thunder" can be used to describe weather.

How did Wladimir Koppen describe climates?

he describe climate +first he do how is the weather going but nobody like him thet way give me the answer

What is the term used to describe long-term variation in weather for a particular area?


Does weather influence climate or does climate influence weather?

Climate is a classification that is chiefly defined by weather.

Describe two ways scientists can learn about earth's past weather and climate?

by drilling into glacier ice tells about the climate when ice formed.

How are seasons weather and climate connected to each other?

Climate is affected by the seasons and the weather is affected by the climate. Seasons=Climate=Weather.

Describe the weather in the US Include descriptions of the seasons and weather variations depending on location.?

The climate in most of the United States is a mid-latitude climate. Characterized by prevailing winds from the West, the weather is dependent on the source of the air mass which carries in the precipitation.

Differentiate weather from climate?

Weather is temporary Climate is Permanent

Climate is the weather at?

Climate is the weather conditions of a certain region.

What is the similarities and differences between weather and climate?

Both weather an climate describe the atmospheric conditions and characteristics of an area. However, while weather describes the specific atmospheric conditions on the short term (minutes, hours, and days), climate describes more general conditions on the long term (decades, centuries, and millennia).