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Description of planet earth?


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Earth is our home planet. It is the only planet in the solar system to have life. it has water, plants, human life, and many other things. It is the third planet in the solar system.

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There are none that would fit that description.

There are none that would fit that description.

Earth is the planet we live on and/or a brown loam covering the land in which plants grow.

the earth is the third planet of the solar system. planet earth has life like water , land and oxygen. that's why god create people , animals to live in planet earth because earth has every thing that people need and animals.

No. This description does not quite work becomes the moon is not a planet; it is a moon.

The dwarf planet Eris best fits this description, with a year about 561 years long.

There is not fifth planet on Earth, since Earth is a planet...

we did not get to planet earth but we originated on planet earth due to chemical reactions

The earth is the only planet on earth.

The planet after the Earth is Mars.

the planet after earth is mars

The planet Earth is a terrestrial planet and the only planet known that has life on it.

Earth does not have planets, it is a planet.

Both Venus and Mercury fit this description. Mercury is the smaller of the two.

The moon is not a planet. The closest planet to Earth is Venus.

Earth is not a gas planet, so it is a terrestrial planet.

Planet EarthEarth, of courseearth

It should be --- Earth Day, Planet Earth.

Planet earth is the only planet that we know of that has life on it.

Earth is an inner planet

which planet is the farest to the earth

what kuves in planet earth

We are called Earth. "Blue Planet" is a nickname for Earth, since our planet comprises primarily of water.

No, the planet Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and the planet next to Earth.

No, there are not moons or stars ON planet earth, but there are moons and stars around planet earth. == ==

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