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served with lemon wedges with freshly shredded tuna with freshly cut vegeteables of your choice.

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What is a salad sandwich?

A salad sandwich is one that has some kind of salad as the main ingredient of the sandwich. So, for instance, an egg-salad sandwich has the main ingredient of egg salad, and a tuna salad sandwich has the main ingredient of tuna salad.

How many calories in a Tuna salad sandwich from a deli?

Do an average tuna salad sandwich has 610 calories?

What are 7 sandwichs you can get at the deli?

Ham sandwich Ham and cheese sandwich Roast beef sandwich Chicken sandwich Tuna salad sandwich Chicken salad sandwich Cold cut sandwich

How do you make your tuna sandwich?

There are several ways to make a tuna sandwich. Some people like plain tuna on white bread with a little mayo. Others make tuna salad for the sandwich. Tuna salad can contain tuna, hard boiled eggs, celery, onion, pickle, and mayo. Some people add diced tomato. It can also be made slightly sweet with tuna, chopped apple, celery, and salad dressing. You can also vary the bread and use any type of bread you like.

Average tuna salad sandwich has 610 calories?

in 4 kcal = 17kjal

What is healthier chicken or a tuna sandwich?

A Tuna Sandwich,obviosly.

How do you say tuna sandwich in french?

a tuna sandwich : un sandwich au thon

How long can a sandwich sit out?

That depends what is in the sandwich. A PB&J can sit out much longer than a tuna fish salad sandwich (which shouldn't sit out much at all - make and eat).

What are some lunch ideas for a healthy lifestyle?

On the web page Spark Recipes you can find a wide variety of ideas. For example turkey sandwich, tuna pocket with fruits, grilled chicken sandwich, berry yoghurt or tuna salad.

What is a popular sandwich?

Probably the most popular sandwich in the US is the hamburger or cheeseburger. Other popular sandwiches are chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham, hot ham and cheese, cold cut, and roast beef sandwiches.

How do you make a good salad sandwich?

Using flaked tuna or chicken, add diced boiled eggs, a little pickle relish, a little minced onion, salt, and mayonnaise and mix well. Spread it on a piece of bread and top it with another piece of bread and you have a tuna salad sandwich or chicken salad sandwich. Or, hard-boil some eggs and chop them up. Put the chopped eggs in a bowl. Add a little pickle relish, a little mustard, a little minced onion, salt, pepper and mayonnaise and mix well. And you have an egg salad sandwich.

Why is tuna salad good for you?

Because salad and tuna are both good for you!

What is an easy tuna salad recipe?

An easy tuna salad recipe can be found at or For all recipes for tuna salad, always be sure to have a can of tuna on hand!

Can you name all different types of sandwiches?

There are too many food combinations to list every hot and cold sandwich possible, but here is a list of some popular sandwiches: Bologna sandwich Hamburger Cheeseburger Chicken Sandwich Chicken Salad sandwich Tuna salad sandwich Roast beef sandwich Ham sandwich Ham and cheese sandwich Hot ham and cheese sandwich Fish sandwich Cheese sandwich Grilled cheese sandwich Patty melt sandwich Reuben sandwich

How long can you keep an opened can of tuna in the fridge?

AnswerAt LEAST 2 days, but sandwich shops use big commercial size cans of tuna which is usually made into tuna salad and used throughout the week. Keep the tuna covered with a tight lid.

What are some types of salads?

Vegetable salad Caesar salad Tuna salad Fruit salad Chicken salad Tuna salad Taco salad Macaroni salad Potato salad Pasta salad Egg salad

What is fancy tuna salad?

Fancy is an adjective with no real meaning in terms of tuna salad. If the most basic tuna salad is tuna and mayo someone could add celery and call it fancy.

What is a Mexican salad or sandwich called?

A salad is called ensalada, a sandwich is a torta

What are the more popular Subway sandwiches?

There are a number of different popular Subway sandwiches. Some of the most popular include egg salad, the Italian BMT, the meatball sandwich, and the tuna fish sandwich.

What sandwich starts with the letter T?

Tuna Sandwich

What is the prise of a salad sandwich?

Depending on where you buy it, a salad sandwich could range from $2.00 to $5.00.

Does the average tuna salad sandwich have 610 calories?

well a can tuna has about 200 calories in a can, and breads like 80-100 calories per slice so most likely 400-450 i would say

How do you thicken tuna salad if it is runny?

To thicken tuna salad, you could add extra tuna or other ingredients such as chopped boiled eggs and celery.

How long will tuna salad last in the frig?

Tuna salad should be good in the refrigerator for three to four days.

What kind of fish is used to make a tuna fish sandwich?

A tuna...