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Basicaly you hook up the wires as such. The two middle cylinders will share a coil and the two outside cylinders will share the other coil. It really doesen't matter what teminal the wires attach as long as they are hooked up like this.

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What is the Fuel mileage 88 s10 2.8 engine?

I have an 89 s10 with a 2.8 V6. It gets about 22 city, 25 highway.

Diagram of a jennings firearms model j-22?


Where can you find diagram for a 22 rifle?

Contact the maker.

Where are the timing marks on a 98 S10 22 cam sprocket?

The timing marks for the cam sprocket on a 98 S10 is on the front. The marks for the crank shaft is on the oil pump gear.

Rocker arm bolt torque for 1987 Chevrolet s10 pickup?

22 foot/lbs

Where can you find a diagram of a Remington nylon 76 lever action 22 with parts diagram and instilation instructions?

on classic fire arms llc

Where can you find parts diagram for a Ithaca x 5 lightning 22 rifle?

Follow the link below to the parts diagram from the Numrich Arms website.

Need parts diagram for Model 60W CAL 22 LR?

Try egunparts

Where is a Assemble diagram of a western six cal 22 LR?


Where can you find a parts diagram for a 22 LR sportarms revolver?

What is the mpg for a 2000 s10 4 cylinder?

I have a '98 s10 with the 2.2L 4 cylinder and auto transmission, and I average 20MPG mixed. I have never seen it over 22, and it rarely goes under 19 (this is all with mixed driving).

Can you fit 20 inch rims on a 2002 s10 xtreme?

yea i had 22 on mine didnt need to rise it or any thing

Need a diagram of a model 500 VG Bentley .22 rifle bolt or better still a bolt?

I need a diagram of a bentley mod 500 .22 cal firing pin. Can't find one need to get one made

Where can i find an exploded view diagram of a 22 hornet break action rifle?

Contact the maker.

Does a 99 S10 22 liter have a PCV Its not on the valve cover Where is it?

I would say that my 1998 S-10 does not have a PCV valve, at all, anywhere.

Break down diagram mod tex 22 LR fie Miami FL?

Check Numrich gun parts . They offer parts and often have a diagram as well.

What's the biggest rim i can put on a stock 1992 s10?

you can put an 18 inch wheel no problem on a stock S10 if ur rele intrested u could maybe even fit 20s or 22's it all boils down to the tire profile nd width you can put an 18 inch wheel no problem on a stock S10 if ur rele intrested u could maybe even fit 20s or 22's it all boils down to the tire profile nd width

Pump 22 caliber rifle made by Rossi you need parts diagram of rifle?


Where Sterling 20 22 rifle parts diagram?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

How can you do a quick check on a 95 s10 22 4cy for a burnt valve?

maybe a vacuum test but, definatly a compression test one of the most crucial tests.

What does it take to fit 22 inch wheels on 98 s10?

About 4 inch suspension lift and to be safe, add another 2 inch body lift!

What are the torque specks for the rocker arms on a 95 s10 2.2?

The torque specs for a 1995 s-10 rocker arm nut is 22 ft lbs.

Where can you get a manual or a copy of an exploded view diagram of a Ranger Arms 22 cal Pump Octagon Rifle?

Try egunparts.

Where can you get a breakdown diagram for a Stevens model 887 22 and where can you get parts?

You may be able to get an exploded diagram from Numrich ars. For parts, try: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Looking for parts diagram AND parts list for a savage model 24 22-410 OVER UNDER shotgun?

Go to Numrich Arms website, you can see a parts list and purchase a parts diagram for about anything-