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diagram of cuboid

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Show me a picture of a rectangular prism?

See the related link for a diagram of a cuboid.

Do cuboid have vertices?

Yes, cuboid has vertices(or corners). A cuboid has eight vertices.

What is the percentage of a cuboid?

A cuboid is 100% of a cuboid and 0% of any other shape.

What is mean by hyper-cuboid?

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional shape. Its equivalent in 3-dimensions is a cuboid. The equivalent of a cuboid in 4 or more spatial dimensions is a hyper-cuboid.

What figure has 6 faces with 3 pairs of parallel faces 4 faces that are perpendicular to each base and 3 pairs of congruent faces?

A cuboid.A cuboid.A cuboid.A cuboid.

What is a net cuboid?

a net cuboid is a net of cuboid. that means a form of making cuboard.

What is the shape of a cuboid?

a box is good for cuboid

What is th net of a cuboid?

This is a net of a cuboid

Is a cuboid a prism?

Yes, a cuboid is a prism.

What size is a cuboid?

A size of a cuboid is 56

What has the most vertexes a cuboid or a cone?

a cuboid

What are the properties of a cuboid?

A cuboid has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices, these are all properties of a cuboid.

Is there Things in shape of cuboid?

Yes, I can name one thing. A cuboid. What the hell is a cuboid anyway smartypants?

What solid figure has 8 vertices and 12 edges and it will stack and the 6 faces are not equal?

A cuboid - a rectangular prism.A cuboid - a rectangular prism.A cuboid - a rectangular prism.A cuboid - a rectangular prism.

How many edges does a cuboid have?

a cuboid has 12 edges

How many Perpendicular faces in a cuboid?

the cuboid has 2

What special features does a cuboid have?

A cuboid has no special features!!!!

How many sides cuboid have?

A cuboid has 6 faces.

How many edges does an cuboid have?

A cuboid has 12 edges.

Does a cuboid have a right angle?

a cuboid has a right angle

Is a cuboid a palellagram?

No. A cuboid is not a parallelogram (assuming that is what you meant).

How many corner does a cuboid as?

A cuboid has 8 corners.

What is the shape of a base cuboid?

The base of a cuboid is a rectangle.

What rhymes with cuboid?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word cuboid.

How many corners does cuboid have?

a cuboid has 8 corners