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my did

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No BrotherLee Min Ho has a sister, but not a brother.

This is pretty easy. 12 inches = 1 foot, so Min is 63 inches. Since she is 3 times as tall, her brother is 21 inches, or 1 foot 9 inches (1.75 is also accurate.

long hand (min) on the 12 and the short hand (hour) on what ever hour it is

Park Jung Min has an elder sister, and it seems like he has an elder brother as well, but I'm not really sure about his brother.

a baby breathes about 20-30 min in 1 min

The duration was abt 93 min

The average persons heart beats 72 times per min

1. 10 min 2. 8 min 3. 6 min 4. 5 min 5. 4 min 6. 7min 7. 12min Family Feud answer: How many times a daydoes a mother change her newborn baby's diaper? (NUMERIC ONLY)

hold 2 patton 3 secchange number to : 01:01hit the out button.change hour with in buttonhit the out button to change minchange min with in button.hit the out button to save

60 min/hr * 24 hr/day = 1440 min/day Since ten months can be 303, 304, 305 or 306 days, depending on what ten months you're measuring, it can be any of those four numbers times 1440 min/day... 436320 min, 437760 min, 439200 min or 440640 min

yes. women breath 18 times/min and man 16/min

This question makes no sense. How much what? When?

No, but during the Roger Staubach era of the 1970s, the Cowboys performed last-minute magic many times.

Flight Times:To Maryland - 18 hr 51 minTo Mumbai - 16 hr 17 minActual Times (in Airport, etc.)To Maryland - 27 hr 11 minTo Mumbai - 30 hr 25 min.I used orbitz.comHope This Helps.PW

A lot, In ideal conditions a bacteria can reproduce in 20 min. So it would be like o min 1 bacteria 20 min 2 bacteria 40 min 4 bacteria 60 min 8 bacteria...

xavi min '10 Pedro min '18 villa min 55', 58' Jefreen '90

ignition switch on no start for 10 min repeat two more times 30 min

a fly beats its 234 times in a min

evil definition is based on your min set. accommodate and identify ignorance, the evil meaning erases.

i think it was 1 min. & 51 sec.

This is roughly "Min aller beste kjæreste".

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