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Yes she had 2 sisters, Mary Smith Cranch and Elizabeth Smith Shaw Pebody, and one brother, William Smith!

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Did Abigail Adams have any siblings?

yes Abigail Adams had two sisters Mary Smith, Elizabeth Smith and 1 brother William Smith

Did John Adams have any children with someone besides Abigail Adams?

NO, John Adams had 5 children all from his wife Abigail Smith Adams. Their names were Abigail Jr. (Nabby) Adams, John Quincy Adams, Susanna Adams, Charles Adams, and Thomas Adams

Are there any monuments dedicated to Abigail Adams?


Did Abigail Adams win any awards?


Did Abigail Adams Eliot get married and have any children?

No, Abigail Adams Eliot never married or had any children. She fully dedicated her lives to children.

Did Abigail Adams have any brothers and sisters?


Did Abigail have any hobbies as a kid?

Abigail Adams liked to sew and knit.By Margie Smith

Did John Quincy Adams have any children with Abigail Smith Adams?

NOJohn Quincy Adams (sixth president of the U.S.) was the eldest son of Abigail Smith Adams (wife of John Adams, the second president of the U.S.)

Did ABIGAIL Adams have any failures or struggles in his live?


Did sam Adams have any siblings?


Did Abigail Adams do any chores?

Abigail Adams did house chores such as sweeping the floors, and cleaning all the rooms in the house but only the things that were dirty in those rooms.

Did Abigail Adams have any brothers?

Yes. A brother named William.

Did Abigail Adams have any pets?

Yes she had a poodle named fluffy

Did John Adams have any siblings?

He had two brothers, Peter and Elihu Adams.

Are there any unusual fact about Abigail Adams?

She got married to a much older John Adams at the age of 19.

Where there any wars during Abigail Smith Adams Lifetime?


Why is Abigail Adams a suspect in Alexander Hamilton's death?

She's not...Hamilton died in a duel with Aaron Burr.Abigail Adams had nothing to do with his death. She's not in any way linked to his demise.

Did Abigail have any siblings?

Please include the last name of the person you're asking about in your question. There are many people named Abigail.

Does valerie adams have any siblings?

she has 18 bros and sisters

Is there any hardships in Abigail Adams childhood?

she could not get a good education because she was a girl.

Did John Adams have any kids'?

John Adams had 6 kids Susanna, Thomas, John Q. Adams, Charles, Abigail, and Martin van Buren

Did Abigail Adams have any kids?

yes Abigail Adams had 5 children Nabby, John Quincy, Susanna, Charles, Thomas Boylston, and Elizabeth who was stillborn and stillborn means the baby died at birth

What was the main purpose letter to John Adams?

The main purpose was for John Adams to go for the rights of women. Abigail Adams also didn't see John Adams for a long time so since they didn't have any telephones back then, Abigail Adams wrote letters to John Adams for women to be equal and fair just like men (women's rights in particular) which made Abigail Adams famous as well as a good written student full of interest.

Why did Abigail Adams send a letter to John Adams saying to remember the ladies when making new laws for the new nation?

The reason Abigail Adams said to remember the ladies when making new laws is because at that time, women didn't have any rights. They were just supposed to be the ladies who cook and clean. Abigail, however wanted to have the same equal rights as men. Since John Adams was president, most of the time he took in Abigail Adam's advice.

Was Abigail Adams for the abolition of slavery?

Abigal Adams did go against African American slavery. She was against any type of slavery and thought it was evil.