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Did Aksum used to be an important trade center in East Africa?

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The main trading port of Aksum was Adulis.

Because i went to mcdonalds and my grandmother fought over the counter with a lightsaver and stole 9 happy meals, which is why trade is an important part to the aksum community

Chinese did not go to Aksum to trade.

IT was good for trade because it was in a location wich gave Aksum acess to the Red sea,the Med. sea,indian ocean,and the Nile so it was good for trade because you can get to place to place by water.

At the A.D 600s, Muslims fought with the rulers of Aksum for the control of the Red Sea trade routes.

Aksum became a major trading hub and meeting place. Trade goods came to this area from Arabia, Persia, India, and other parts of Africa.

Trade routes, axum was the center of ancient trade. Until Islams rose to power in the seventh century. The Islams changed the trade routes.

Timbuktu in Mali, West Africa was a center of Islamic learning and trade.

Answer this question...why is international trade important for south africa?

The most important trade route in Africa was undoubtedly the Nile River.

The largest city in west africa, Koumbi Saleh, was an oasis for travelers.As a result, Koumbi Saleh gained s reputation as a great trading center.

the most powerful trade was zimbabwe. I guess

Ancient Nubia was in the center of Africa, and that is why it was the center of trade in ancient times.

because it was very important to africaIt marked the crossroads between the gold-rich regions of West Africa and the Islamic Empires of the northern African coast.

Aksum began a long slow decline after the 7th century due partly to Islamic groups contesting trade routes. Eventually Aksum was cut off from its principal markets in Alexandria, Byzantium and Southern Europe and its trade share was captured by Arab traders of the era. The Kingdom of Aksum also quarreled with Islamic groups over religion. Eventually the people of Aksum were forced south and their civilization declined.

in the 1400s it controlled trade and the trade of salt and gold in West Africa

When Muslim Arabs took control of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean trade, they limited Aksum trading.

Timbuktu was an important city in West Africa because it was a major trading city for Africa and the trade network.

Timbuktu was an intellectual and spiritual capital and a center point for spreading Islam throughout Africa in the 15th and 16th centuries. In its Golden Age, the town's numerous Islamic scholars and extensive book trade established Timbuktu as a scholarly center in Africa.

There is two trade in Lisbon Portugal's capital. The Europe's center triangular trade between China and Japan which made it an important center.

it was important because they wanted to be rich

New Orleans became an trading center because

Practically speaking, the World Trade Center was the office suite where international corporations ran American business. Symbolically speaking, the World Trade Center represented America's role as the center of global trade and economics.

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