Faith Hill

Did Alan Jackson have an affair with Faith Hill and Leann Womack?

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2014-09-29 14:16:52

It is believed all over Nashville that Alan Jackson did indeed

have an affair with Faith Hill. That affair broke up his marriage

but they later reconciled. Faith Hill is known for finding many men

attractive. And she is famous for knowing where she is going to

park her car before she leaves the spot where it is now parked. She

was married to Daniel Hill for 7 years and dumped him. Rumor said

it was for Scott Hendricks, a much bigger fish in Nashville.

Hendricks got her booked on the tour with Tim McGraw while he was

engaged to her. She thanked him by ditching him for McGraw.

Somewhere along the way, she found time to have a fling with the

married with children Alan Jackson.

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