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Probably. Most people paint something in there life but Albert Einstein is not a painter so his artwork probably never got famous.


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Albert Einstein never ever washed his hair.

Albert Einstein is more famous that Darth Vader. Einstein is the most famous person ever.

If you are asking if Albert Einstein was one of Jehovah's Witnesses... no, he did not claim to be nor was he ever associated with them based on my knowledge of Einstein and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the smartest men who ever lived. Historians know that Einstein never took an IQ test, but experts think he had an IQ of 160. Anything over 140 indicates that someone is very smart, but anything over 160 is indicative of being a genius.

Obvously, Albert Einstein

isaac newton...Ask Einstein himself.

ever expanding according to albert Einstein

Everybody is capable of lying.

being the smartest man ever

Albert Einstein didn' get Cystic Fibrosis...if he ever had it... he would have been born with it on 14th March 1879.

EInstein didn't invade anything. Ever

Dude, if you wanna take a nap, don't look to Albert Einstein for justification. Just take a nap. If Albert Einstein jumped off a cliff, would you jump off it too?

Actually, Albert Einstein was the smartest human ever. He was very intelligent and inspired many scientists to be even better people.

the smaryest man was albert einstein

Yes he did once get very upset.

Yes, he married his firth cousin.

no he did not, stephanie you are a compulsive liar. xoxox -albert. in the flesh

Albert Einstein mentioned in interviews that his favorite vacation spot was at Napa Valley, California. Albert Einstein was one of the smartest men to ever live.

Albert Einstein was the first person to ever be able to show a way to prove the existence of atoms. He did this by using a simple microscope.

Yep, for Physics, in 1921..

He is one of the most awesome people who has ever lived.

Albert Einstein was a German born theoretical physicist and mathematician. According to reports he was sent to jail at one time by his wife.

At the age of 15, Einstein was considered slow, and wasn't expected to ever amount to much.

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