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Did Alexander Hamilton had a father?


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James A. Hamilton, the fourth son of Scottish laird Alexander Hamilton of Grange, Ayrshire.

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Alexander Hamilton at the age of 21.

Alexander Hamilton is the founding father that proposed the electoral college.

Alexander Hamilton was the chief of staff to President George Washington. He was a Founding Father, promoter of the Constitution, and a founder of the United States' financial system.

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Alexander Hamilton's father was a Scottish merchant who abandoned the family. His name was James Hamilton. Rachel Faucet Lavien was the mother of Alexander Hamilton. His wife's name was Elizabeth Schuyler and his son's name was William Stephen Hamilton.

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No. Alexander Hamilton's mother, Rachel Faucett Lavien, was half-French; his father, James A. Hamilton, was a Scotsman and minor member of the Scottish gentry. Hamilton was born out of wedlock on the Isle of Nevis in the West Indies.

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