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It has been assumed that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton like one another. Hamilton was Washington's personal aide for quite some time.

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Q: Did Alexander Hamilton like George Washington?
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How did Alexander Hamilton feel about George Washington?

Alexander Hamilton almost worshiped Washington. Washington was like a father figure to him. Hamilton, serving as treasury secretary under Washington was able to accomplish much with Washington's backing and knew he had to keep him on his good side.

Why did Alexander Hamilton the first secretary of the Treasury?

He was appointed, like all Treasury Secretaries, by the President, who was George Washington.

What are people like George Washington Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton and others that helped write Constitution called?

The Founding Fathers

Did Alexander Hamilton make George Washington a good president?

No, The Congress made the office of President with George Washington in mind. Hamilton did help Washington in many ways, but Washington was a natural leader and the ONLY person even considered to be the First President. Everyone, including those who did not like him, Knew that without him in the beginning, the country would not last.

Did the southern states like Alexander Hamilton's plan?

Alexander Hamilton had many plans, be more specific in asking questions please.

How did Alexander Hamilton view slaves?

He did not like the idea of slaves.

Who was George Washington most like?

He was an excellent president, but he had his bad points sometimes. But my answer is:"George Washington was most like George Washington." If you understand ^-^

What was George Washington like?

George Washington was a sweet and generous man.

Did Alexander Hamilton like the British?

The British had a Strong National government. Alexander Hamilton want a strong National government. Hamilton and Jefferson were fighting all the time over that. That might be why. Federlists.

Besides George Washington who else is like cincinnatus?

George Washington's twin

How was George Washington Carver life like?

George W. Washington was a slave.

Andrew Mellon as the greatest secretary of the treasury since Alexander Hamilton because?

It was the wealthy who called him that because he, like Alexander Hamilton, wanted to increase the wealth of the rich.

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