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It has been assumed that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton like one another. Hamilton was Washington's personal aide for quite some time.


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Alexander Hamilton almost worshiped Washington. Washington was like a father figure to him. Hamilton, serving as treasury secretary under Washington was able to accomplish much with Washington's backing and knew he had to keep him on his good side.

He was appointed, like all Treasury Secretaries, by the President, who was George Washington.

No, The Congress made the office of President with George Washington in mind. Hamilton did help Washington in many ways, but Washington was a natural leader and the ONLY person even considered to be the First President. Everyone, including those who did not like him, Knew that without him in the beginning, the country would not last.

He was an excellent president, but he had his bad points sometimes. But my answer is:"George Washington was most like George Washington." If you understand ^-^

He did not like the idea of slaves.

The British had a Strong National government. Alexander Hamilton want a strong National government. Hamilton and Jefferson were fighting all the time over that. That might be why. Federlists.

George Washington was a sweet and generous man.

It was the wealthy who called him that because he, like Alexander Hamilton, wanted to increase the wealth of the rich.

George W. Washington was a slave.

Answer (1): George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Answer (2): George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John JayFounding Fathers(1) All the delegates to the Constitutional Convention can be considered the Founding Fathers of the United States. There were 55 who attended the convention. Some are better known than others, like Hamilton, Washington, and Madison. The National Archives site linked to the right has a listing by state of all the Founding Fathers and a biography of each. Some would say that the four most significant Founding Fathers are George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. This could easily be contested based on your evaluation of the contributions of each man. Others such as Alexander Hamilton and John Adams would be high on any list.---------------(2) Our Founding of the American Revolution came in two phases: the war & the peace. Of the Founding Fathers only Washington and Hamilton fought, both for over 4 years. Then came the revolution of a government system and an economic/financial system. Washington presided and often had to choose between conflicting options and he chose well. Madison, Hamilton, and Jay on Government Systems. Alexander Hamilton alone on Economic/Financial Systems. Therefore, Washington (1), Hamilton (2), Madison (3), and Jay (4). Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin played key roles in their states and were diplomats but they did not fight in the war for independence or create the national foundations.

Ploutos, god of wealth, for the fact that Alexander Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and a economist as well as a political philosopher.

No because they were in opposing parties. Hamilton was for the federalist party and Jefferson was for the democratic-republic party.

Google "George Washington on the dollar bill"

what was george w like ?

Best answer: George Washington did like writing and reading. But his most favorite subject was math.

Martha Washington was George Washington's first wife. Her life after she married George Washington, she felt trapped like in prison.

There weren't a lot of choices in the 18th century. Alexander Hamilton may have been exposed to classical music (waltzes, etc.), but probably not much else.

Alexander Hamilton had many plans, be more specific in asking questions please.

George Washington acted like a regular little boy with his sibling

George Washington liked to go fishing and hunt foxes and stuff like that with his half brother Lawrence.

Alexander had blue eye, red hair though he did where a white wig, he was 5,7 and he had white skin tone.

Yes he did. George Washington Carver gave all animals respect.

Spongebob Squarepants, but to my opinion I like George Washington better.

they struggled because George Washington did not like them and despited them so the pilgrims were all massacred by George Washington.

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