Did Amelia Earhart get lost near the Pacific Ocean?

Yes. Contact was lost with Earhart in the Pacific Ocean. There is some controversy over the last messages received, by both the Coast Guard Cutter Itasca, and also Naval vessels ( a virtual Task Force had been ordered to the area, including the Battleship Colorado and the Aircraft Carrier Lexington. The Lexington had just undergone a 24 hour speed trial at the full-blast speed (and we know what bulk a carrier displaces) Of 33 Knots! Something big was up!) There are a number of conflicting tales from shortwave fans and radio amateurs who may or may not have eavesdropped on Earhart, or more likely some YL (amateur slang for female operators, means Young Lady) with some morbid sense of humor. ( false emergency reports are a criminal offense as is well known. We are aware of Bizarre CB Accident hoaxers who have tied up rescue squads for hours and days. that"s off beam. in any case she went missinginthe vast Pacific Ocean.