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Did Amelia Earhart have any borthers?

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Amelia Earhart didnt have any brothers only sisters.

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Does Amelia Earhart have any criminal records?

Amelia Earhart did not have criminal records of any kind.

Did Amelia Earhart have any children?

No, she did not. No, Amelia never had any children.

Did Amelia Earhart have and children?

Amelia never had any children.

Is Amelia Earhart a he or a she?

Amelia Earhart is a woman.

Did Amelia have kids?

did amelia earhart have kids

Did Amelia earhart have any childeren?

no she did not have any children

Did Amelia Earhart have any brothers or sister?

Amelia had a younger sister, Muriel.

Did Amelia Earhart play instruments?

Amelia was not known for playing any instruments

How was life for Amelia Earhart?

how was Amelia Earhart early life

How can we remember Amelia Earhart?

By making statues of Amelia Earhart.

How are the wright brothers and Amelia Earhart not the same?

the Wright brothers built planes and Amelia Earhart did not

Where did Amelia Earhart grow up?

Amelia Earhart grew up in Atchison,Kansas

Did Amelia Earhart have brother and sisters?

Amelia Earhart had a sister Grace Muriel Earhart

Did Amelia Earhart's sister have any kids?

Amelia Earhart never had any children and neither did her sister Muriel. So therefore the Earhart family is no longer in existence.

Did Amelia Earhart play any sports for fun?

Amelia played basketball as a kid

What is the birth name of Amelia Earhart?

Amelia Earhart's birth name is Amelia Mary Earhart.

Who was with Amelia Earhart when she died?

Fred Noonan was with Amelia Earhart when she disappeared.

What does Amelia Earhart look like?

Amelia Earhart had short hair.

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