Did Amelia Earhart invent anything?

It is discussed in a book by Doris Rich, oddly about Jacqueline Cochran, (another famous woman pilot) that in the latter portion of her career, Amelia was involved with the design and marketing of a photometer- a light meter for photography, the idea was to sell it with her name on the device or as an endorsement. She is not noted as a photographer, but of course cameras were carried on the Electra. The photometer would be for civil and amateur photography., not espionage. It is not known what became of the project, possibly after her departure, the name Amelia Earhart may have acquired a foul taste residual, as she was lost. The subject is discussed in some detail in the Cochran bio by Doris Rich. I have no other sources for this device. Needless to say, I have never seen one. In her period Weston, ( do not confuse with Western Electric) was a major manufacturer of light meters for shutterbugs.