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Both actually. After the war the American economy boomed until about the 1930s, but by then the problem was that the economy had grown too fast and then it becomes really confusing for me. Suffice to say, we grew too big too fast and we had no mechanism to protect ourselves and we collapsed under our own weight which is what started the Great Depression.

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Q: Did America's economy prosper or decline after World War 1?
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No. America has the best world economy. Chile has the best economy in SOUTH America.

Did Japan's Economy prosper after world war 1?

Japan accepted the US's assistance to rebuild after World War I. Their economy prospered and grew and morphed into a huge technological success.

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How was Americas economy affected after World War 2?

a whole bunch of pish paa,,, love lex

What was the condition of americas economy following world war 1?

There was a brief recession, followed by economic growth

How did the us handling of the post world war 1 debt situation affect?

Helped Americas economy

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Why did the US economy collapse in 1920?

The United States economy was in recession due to the spending of World War I during the 1920s. This caused the Depression where there was a decline in real products.

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how did the panama canal increase americas power in the world

What was true of the US economy after World War 2?

After World War 2, the US had the strongest economy in the world.

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How did world war 1 have lingering effects on global economy?

There were many effect of World War I on the global economy, and some of the most significant were: the decline of power of the old colonial world powers and the start of the shift of world power to North America. Creation of grudges between some of participants that would later result in World War II. A drain on economic resources that would later result in the Great Depression.

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What was true of the U.S. economy after World War 2?

it was the strongest economy in the world