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Did American Indians itch from insects?

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dont ever listen to this website because people can put what ever they want like i just did

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Why do ant bites make you itch?

When an ant bites you, the poison that is supposed to hurt small insects gets inside you and causes the area to itch.

What is some of the dances the pueblo Indians did?

they did the eagle dance b I got a itch

Are insects enemies to horses?

Yes because they bite them and give they itch and the give them small lumps.

What causes an insect bite to itch?

When insects bite they release acids into our body which causes the itching effect.

Did American Indians make beer?

Beer was made by American Indians

Do Indians put up Christmas trees on Christmas?

are you talking about american indians or indians from india? american indians- most probably indians- almost all of them

AllNames of the Native American Indians?

all names of the native American Indians

How did the missionary's affect the native American Indians?

The American Indians were forced to turn christian.

Who were the people who moved west?

The American settlers and the American Indians [!!I THINK!!]The American settlers and the American Indians [!!I THINK!!] oh and the native Americans....

What did the paiute indians eat?

they ate birds, lizards, fish, and insects.

Are Aztec Indians Native American Indians?


How do plain Indians wash up?

american indians

Are Indians US citizens?

American Indians, yes.

How did the Spanish treat American Indians and Africans?

How did the Spanish treat American Indians and enlslaved Africans

When was National Congress of American Indians created?

National Congress of American Indians was created in 1944.

What are American Indians?

American Indians or Native Americans were the first people to live in North America.

How did American Indians get the right to vote?

Teddy Roosevelt was rather pissed at the American Indians. He created the Anti-Injun Act. This decreed that American Indians were no longer allowed to reside in the Americas. This was not very popular. The American Revolution was fought. American Indians got the right to vote and hold slaves.

How were the ancient Indians organized?

The Ancient Indians were orginised into Native Amercians, Indians and Native American Indians.

What causes skin around stomach to itch?

There are several different possible reasons for the skin around the stomach (or elsewhere) to itch. There are a variety of itchy parasites such as scabies, ticks, or lice, which cause itching. There are other biting insects such as bedbugs which can cause itching. Your skin can be excessively dry, and itch. You could have any number of skin diseases such as psoriasis. Skin that is healing from an injury will at some point itch.

Why were American Indians on reservations?

Reservations were basically a place to put American Indians when people wanted the land they were on.

What is the region that includes Florida American Indians?


How were the American Indians treated at mission Santa Cruz?

How were the American Indians treated at mission Santa Cruz

What are American Indians-?

American Indians are also referred to as native Americans because they were the first settlers in America.

What does a American avocet eat?

The American Avocet eats crustaceans and insects.

Do American Indians have birthmarks?

do Hopi tribe Indians have birthmarks