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No, Anne Frank died from Typhus March 1945 in Bergen - Belsen Camp. A few days after her older sister Margot Frank died from the same disease. She died from Typhus beause the disease were rampant in the camp and she was also starved of food.


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she died in a gas chamber

No! Anne died of typhus in March 1945. Anne passed the health test (which she passed) determining if you get put in the gas chamber or not... since Anne passed the test, she didnt get gassed.

Albert Dussel died in a gas chamber in Neuengamme camp 1945

Anne Frank died of Typhus in March of 1945.

Anne Frank lived in the Annex until August 4 1944 when a Nazi guard came and took everyone to concentration camps. Anne was a hooker in her's until she was taken to the gas chamber to be killed.

no, she died of typhus, in bergen belsen in either late february, or early march.same with her sister.

she was put in a gas chamber 2 weeks before the camp was liberated

Susanne Lederman was friends with Anne Frank and her sister Margot. Lederman was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943.

No! Anne Frank died of typhus in March 1945 after her sister, Margot. Anne passed a health test and all the ill Jews were gassed. but since Anne passed the test, she didnt get gassed.

They killed them by kind of... gassing them in this, like thing when they say it's a shower and it's actually a gas chamber thingy.

when she was send to the gas chamber she was among the rest of her family. Some stories says she did died of illness and other says she was sent to the gas chamber in a female convoy where they had to strip naked, Anne and her mother refused at first then they have been forced to before dying. In both case she was probably naked at the time she died.

It took some people in the Gas Chamber 15-20 minutes to die.

No, she was blind and deaf. If it hadn't been for her wonderful teacher, Anne Sullivan, she may never have had a normal life. ann frank was not blind or deaf that was hellan Keller . ann frank died in the holocaust so i asume her quotes would consist of, " i promis im not a Jew" and " "no not the gas chamber"

No. Otto Frank outlived his family in the concentration camps. He returned to his business and their attic hiding place. He discovered the diary Anne Frank wrote and had it published. It is one of the number one best sellers year after year.

No, Anne died of Typhus, which is a disease that inhabitants of the concentration camps easily got.

Its a slow, painful, and suffocating death. No one exactly knows because if you die in a gas chamber, you wouldn't live to tell the story.

not exactly. mr Frank survived. Anne and Margot died of thyphus. Mr. and Mrs. Vaan Dan and Mr. Dussel died in the gas chamber. Peter was taken into the would and was never heard from again...

They were locked in a gas chamber.

Well it is possible that hana escaped the gas chamber. changed her name so the Nazi's wouldn't recenize her. But that is probably not true so she really died in the gas chamber.

it would take just minuites to die in a gas chmber that was why it was so deadly


he died in a gas chamber

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