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Anne Frank died of Typhus in March of 1945.

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Q: Did Anne Frank die in the gas chambers?
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What punishment do Anne frank and her family get for not turning themselves in?

The gas chambers in the concentration camps.

How does Anne Frank die?

she died in a gas chamber

What were the dangers of living in a concentration camp?

*Disease (typhoid killed Anne Frank) *Beatings from Nazi overseers. *Fatigue from being worked to death *Gas chambers

Did anne frank die in the gas chamber?

No! Anne died of typhus in March 1945. Anne passed the health test (which she passed) determining if you get put in the gas chamber or not... since Anne passed the test, she didnt get gassed.

Did Anne Frank die of gas poisening?

No! Anne Frank died of typhus in March 1945 after her sister, Margot. Anne passed a health test and all the ill Jews were gassed. but since Anne passed the test, she didnt get gassed.

How did MrDussel die from the diary of Anne Frank?

Albert Dussel died in a gas chamber in Neuengamme camp 1945

What happened to the Jews and anne frank during the Holocaust?

they were sent to concentration camps such as Bergen Belsen, and Auschwitz were they worked until they died or if they could not work they were killed in gas chambers, or shot.

How did Jews die in the Auschwitz?

Mostly from the gas chambers.

What did Anne Frank and margot Frank do in the camp?

They had to work and there were selctions when they lined up the girls and looked at them to see if the were healthy. If not they were sent to the gas chambers if they definatly were not able to work. They were treated harshly. Margot died in the camp of typhus, a sickness you get from living in filth. days or months later, Anne died, also from typhus.

Did Anne Frank die in a gas chamber?

No, Anne Frank died from Typhus March 1945 in Bergen - Belsen Camp. A few days after her older sister Margot Frank died from the same disease. She died from Typhus beause the disease were rampant in the camp and she was also starved of food.

Where did the gas for the gas chambers in buchenwald come from?

Buchenwald did not have gas chambers

Who died first in the secret annex?

Mr. Frank- Lived until late '90s and died of lung cancer Mrs.frank- starved to death anne- typhus margot- typhus mr. van daan- gas chambers mrs. van daan- disease on transit to anothe death camp peter- death march dussel- gas chambers

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