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Barack Obama decided to run for president after becoming a US senator. He was elected as a US senator from Illinois in 2004 and announced his candidacy for president in February 2007.

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After he was a Illinois senator

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Q: Did Barack Obama decide to be president before or after becoming a US senator?
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What was Barack Obama's job before becoming the president?

Barack Obama was a US senator from the state of Illinois, serving in our nation's capitol, Washington, DC.

What state does Barack Obama live before becoming the president?

Barack Obama lived in Illinois before becoming president. He first became a senator of Illinois before president of the US.

What was Barack Obama doing before he became presisent?

Before becoming President Barack Obama was a United States Senator. He was also a State Legislator before that. Before this he attended Harvard Law School.

What was JFK before becoming president?

He was senator from Massachusetts.He was a US Senator before becoming president. Before that he was a Congressman.

What did Barack do before he was president?

He was a Junior Senator for Illinois.

What did Barack Obama do before he bacame president?

he was a senator

What elected position did Barack Obama hold before being elected president?

Before becoming president, Barack Obama was elected to the Illinois state senate in 1996, and he was then elected to serve as a U.S. Senator from Illinois: he won that election in 2004.

Was Barack Obama a president before he became President of the US?

Barack Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review journal before becoming president.

What was jfks job before becoming president?


What did Barack Obama do when he was not president?

Before he was President, Barack Obama was a practicing attorney, community organizer, taught constitutional law at University of Chicago, was an Illinois State Senator and a US Senator from Illinois.

What was Barack Obama's job directly before he became US president?

Before being elected as President of the United States, Barack Obama was the junior Senator for the State of Illinois.

Who was the last senator to be elected president?

Barack Obama. Before him it was Richard M Nixon.