Did Barbie ever try to have kids?

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Did Barbie and ken ever make out?

I seriously doubt that question because they are after her kids

Did barbie and ken have kids?


What is the best Barbie movie ever made?

The top 10 Barbie movies ever made can be found on various websites like Amazon. The list includes Barbie in The Nutcracker, Barbie of Swan Lake, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper and Barbie as Rapunzel.

What are all the games for barbie horse adventure called?

Barbie and the Chaos Emerald, Barbie and the special ed kids, and Barbie and the dabetic horse

Is Barbie only for kids?

Not necessarily. Barbie collectors dolls are collected usually by adults.

What fraction shows how much kids like barbie?

A fraction cannot distinguish between kids who like Barbie a little or a lot. So no proportion will shed any light on how much they like Barbie.

Has Barbie ever been married?


Was there ever a barbie TV show?


What was the original purpose of creating Barbie?

The original purpose of barbie was just to make a childrens' toy. The creators of Barbie actually had at least two kids whose names were barbie and ken.

Can you try out for the Barbie movie Barbie as Elisabetta?

nope bacuse they already made the movie and i hate barbie soo i should NO lol :)

Online chat games for kids?

Try Club penguin, Fantage, Tama town and Barbie girls. If you just want chat rooms try yahoo mail if you have got one. Most of these are completely safe for kids aged 6-10yrs.

Where can one find a Barbie dress up game?

Virtual Barbie dress up games for kids can be found online at the official Barbie and fashion website. Which are free and fun for kids. Barbie clothes and accessory toys can be found on amazon or at your local walmart, or toys r us.

Was there ever a lawyer Barbie doll?

It's possible that the 1984 Day to Night Barbie doll was a lawyer.

What rockette barbie dolls by mattel were ever made?

The Rockette Barbie was a FAO Schwartz exclusive in 1993.

Is NickiMinaj A Crip?

No she is not she is the baddest barbie that ever lived!

Which is the best Barbie game ever?

pond and clean

Why is barbie important today?

The barbie doll is an important to kids all over so they have someone or thing to play with or they would bug their parents to play with them and sometimes parents are to busy to play with their kids

Was there ever a Florida State University barbie made?

Depends on what you mean by a Barbie Doll. Mattel never released a true Seminole Barbie, but there was a wannabe Barbie (different company) released with a Seminole cheerleader uniform.

What were kids playing with before Barbie?

Baby dolls were popular in the 1950s.

What is a really fun kids website?

I'd try going to Here is the link http:/ or you may trybarbie girlssuper secretjumpstartwooz worldour worldzwinkey

Why does every barbie movie have to be so magical?

Because , barbie is for little girls and usually not for older kids, so they make it very magical.

Is a website where people can chat to others and get tips from Barbie on how to kiss?

Isn't Barbie for younger kids , so i highly doubt you'd learn about kissing on there . Barbie is for youger kids ages 6 to 12 and you can chat but there are some words u can't say and you don't get the tips.

Was a lingerie Barbie ever made?

Yes it was marketed in 2002.

Virtual websites for kids?

websites for kids are: club penguin, barbie girls, habbo, hope that helps.

Can you have kids in imvu?

Nope! sorry you can;t! No matter how hard you try you can't do anything well you can do stuff but you will never ever get a baby unless you try bying one. They use to have one. BUt you cannot have kids