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Did Beethoven Haydn and Mozart know each other?

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Beethoven and Haydn certainly did, Haydn taught Beethoven.

Between Beethoven and Mozart the picture is less certain, they may have met in Vienna in 1787, and some people think that Beethoven may even have had a few lessons from Mozart. However the records are not clear or contemporaneous.

Mozart and Hayden were great friends.

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What are facts about Franz Joseph Haydn?

Mozart and haydn respected each other and sometimes invited each other to their performances

How did Mozart treat Beethoven?

It is believed that Mozart and Beethoven met when Beethoven came to Vienna in 1787, although their meeting is still a matter of conjecture.It has been said that Mozart treated Beethoven well after he heard him play, and the two developed an affinity in the short time they knew each other, during which Mozart was able to give Beethoven a lesson in composition. It has even been said that Mozart claimed of the younger Beethoven: "Mark that young man; he will make himself a name in the world!It is also said that Beethoven himself noticed the contrast, after he had to return home to his ill mother, between Mozart's teaching style and his new teacher, Haydn, with whom he did not get along.

Who was excluded from this group Mozart or Beethoven or Bach?

Mozart and Beethoven were of the 'Classical' music era (although Beethoven actually bridged the Classical and Romantic periods), whilst Bach was purely of the Baroque era. Also, Mozart and Beethoven met each other, with Mozart actually giving Beethoven his first lesson in composition. Bach actually died six years before Mozart was even born.

What were the similarities between Mozart Beethoven and Haydn?

The three composers, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, are considered the triumvirate of composers of music in the classical style. Indeed, these three men gave us what is by far, the greatest music of their time. Sonata form was so pervasive that it invaded every genre of music of the time, even opera and church music. The three composers under discussion here each created works that are a hybrid of other forms and sonata form. Rondo form and variation form were often blended with sonata form. Mozart and Haydn were both born in Austria. Beethoven was born in Germany, but spent most of his life working in Austria. They all died in Vienna, Austria.

What were Mozart's early musical influences?

One of Mozart's influences in his early life was Beethoven who already made some of his famous musical artworks. Also, Mozart's family was a very musical family and so he got influenced by his family but at first his dad wanted him to play the violin, but instead Mozart wanted to play the piano.Another answer:Unfortunately the previous contributor has got the two composers mixed up. Beethoven could not have influenced Mozart's early music as he (Mozart) was already nearly 15 years old when Beethoven was born. Mozart, however, was an influence on Beethoven's early music.The music of Joseph Haydn was an influence on Mozart. They shared the same musical language and, although Haydn was some 25 years the elder, they were friends and admired each other's music.

Did Mozart and Beethoven make any pieces?

If you mean together then no they did not. They only briefly met but knew of each others work very well.

What inspired Mozart?

Mozart's influence was Christian Bach As well as being influenced by the work of composer Johann Christian Bach, who befriended Mozart as a child in London in 1764-5, Mozart became friends later with Josef Haydn, and each had some influence upon the other's musical style.

Did Mozart teach liszt?

Mozart was died in 1791. Liszt was born in 1811. They never met each other.

Why did Beethoven write fewer symphonies than Haydn and Mozart?

In much the same way as writing a book, or a computer program is a creative endevour, so with writing music. There is an individual limit to how much each person can create. Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies, while Mozart and Hayden wrote many many more... however, they were working in different musical periods, different countries and under different kinds of pressures and endorsements. At the time of the classical period, works were often commissioned, and hence composers would be writing what they were paid to write, in much the same way as film score or TV music writers would today. It is also worth remembering in the case of Beethoven that after the 4th symphony was written he basically completely deaf. Well all that is true, but Beethoven wrote fewer symphonies because he wasn't forced to write for anybody and only for himself. You see, Haydn Had to write symphonies for eSTERHAZYS!! and wheneverthat family wanted a symphony, Haydn composed it. Beethoveb only wrot for himself and did what he wanted todo. But Beethoven's symphonies are LOOONG 74 minutes is the longest.

At what age did Mozart get married?

Mozart was 26 when he married Constanze. Constanze was only 20. They were married for nine years, when Mozart died at 35. And they loved each other a lot.

What were the influences on Mozart's life and musical career?

As well as being influenced by the work of composer Johann Christian Bach, who befriended Mozart as a child in London in 1764-5, Mozart became friends later with Josef Haydn, and each had some influence upon the other's musical style.

Give me the name of a classical musician?

There were many classical musicians. for example, Bach, Mozart, Brahms, and Beethoven. They all had inspired each other to create their own music. Some other musicians are Shumann, Liszt, Shubert, Chopin, Handel, Ravel, Clementi, Czerny, Rachmaninov, Mendelssohn, and Tchaikovsky.

Who taught Mozart to compose?

Mozart was a child prodigy who taught himself to compose. He had already composed several smaller compositions and his first symphony by the age of eight. He was also influenced by the work of composer Johann Christian Bach, who befriended Mozart as a child in London in 1764-5, and no doubt taught him some finer points regarding composition. Mozart became friends later with Josef Haydn, and each had some influence upon the other's musical style.

What is the best piano song ever by Beethoven?

Beethoven best piano piece would not exist. Each piano piece he spent months to even years to perfect. Each one shows the signs of Beethoven expression. Nobody truly understands Beethoven. The suffering he went threw. I am Beethoven. Im Beethoven II because i am the only person who understands him.

What new element did Beethoven introduce in his symphonies?

Beethoven created nine symphonies that were all greatly different from each other. In every musical piece, he added new elements from the different time periods he wrote them in.

Who is better Bach or Beethoven?

Beethoven with out a doubt if only for the 9th It depends upon a persons likes or dislikes ... to state that one composer is better than the other is only an opinion, and not actual fact. Each composer in their own right is just as good as the other.

What style of music did Mozart write?

Mozart wrote music in the Classical style, "Classical" being an actual form like Baroque and Romantic. Mozart was influenced by the work of composer Johann Christian Bach, who befriended Mozart as a child in London in 1764-5. Mozart became friends later with Josef Haydn, and each had some influence upon the other's musical style. Mozart is widely regarded as one of history's greatest composers, and his repertoire of over 600 compositions includes 41 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, 16 operas, 19 piano sonatas, and other orchestral and chamber works. Among his more famous works are the short orchestral work, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music), and the operas Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute).

How did Mozart get started on his music?

Wolfgang Mozart is known as one of the most famous composers of all time. His father introduced him into music at all early age, and Mozart caught on quickly learning and adapting to each instrument he played.

Why did salieri hate Mozart?

There is no reason to believe that either of them hated each other. They actually were rather friendly towards each other considering that they were professional rivals. I think that Salieri hated Mozart so much for many reasons. First of all Salieri thought that it was ridiculous for Mozart to have so much talent for Mozart was flamboyant and reckless and never have to work hard for it. Meanwhile Salieri had to work for what he had by doing stuff like giving up his temptation toward women. Mozart had a father who supported and encouraged him and taught him everything he knows while Salieri's father thought that music was a waste of time and discouraged him, so Salieri had learn how to play the piano by himself. Salieri hated Mozart because was not as good and realized he would never be. He wanted for the musical prodigy to be dead and for him to be the one everyone loved and envied

How many movements were in Beethoven symphony?

Each had 4 Movements, except Symphony no. 6 which had 5.

The k number following each Mozart work refers to what?

Köchel, in his catalogue of Mozart's works.

What composer was Beethoven's music teacher?

Beethoven had many teachers! A good website is www.lvbeethoven.com. there is a section on "Masters" which names each comeposer which taught Beethoven and the dates they did so! Hope this helps=) xoxo

Who composed Requiem?

Almost every composer of renown has one. Mozart and Leonard Bernstein each have famous ones.

When you see a work written by Haydn what does Hob stand for?

"HOB" stands for the Hoboken Catalog. Each composition that Haydn wrote was assigned a number. Some of his works for strings are more readily identified by Opus numbers, which allows the grouping together of works published at the same time.

What types of pieces did wa mozart write?

Mozart wrote 41 symphonies. He also wrote 19 piano sonatas. His concertos include 27 for piano, 3 for flute, 1 for clarinet, oboe and bassoon each.

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