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Did Benedict arnolod portray during the revolutionary war?


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No he did not portray during the Revolutionary War.


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Benedict Arnold was a general who fought for the American Revolutionary Army. Benedict Arnold later was bribed and defected to the British Army.

Benedict Arnold was an American general during the Revolutionary. While he was a fine military commander, he did defect to the British during the war and became a symbol of cowardice and treason.

In 1779- During the Revolutionary War

well benedict arnold did not do much because he had died during the war

Commandant of West Point. Traitor to the colonist during the Revolutionary War.

Benedict Arnold was a general during the Revolutionary War. He planned to surrender to the British. When his plan was exposed he defected to the British army.

Benedict Arnold is the most infamous traitor in the American Revolution.

Boston was discovered during the Revolutionary War by Benedict Arnold. This is why Boston is nicknamed, "The traitor state". This is because Benedict Arnold was secretly working for the French.

Benedict Arnold's legacy became known as a traitor and he committed treason. During the Revolutionary War he switched sides from the American Army to the British.

John Adams and Benedict Arnold were historic individuals during the American Revolutionary War.

Because they thought of him as a traitor for spying for Britain.

Ethan Allen and Alexander Hamilton were historic individuals during the American Revolutionary War. Additional individuals include John Adams and Benedict Arnold.

Because of the way he changed sides during the revolutionary war, his name became synonymous with betrayal or treason.

He plotted to turn over the American fort at West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War.

Benedict Arnold's accomplishment was that during the Revolutionary War he was a general of the Continental Army and became a hero when he led the attack at the Battle of Saratoga. After his defection to the British Army, he was given a commission as a brigadier general.

Benedict Arnold, the military commander who defected during the American Revolutionary War, was born in Norwich, Connecticut on January 14, 1741. He died in London, United Kingdom on June 14, 1801.

During the Revolutionary war, the Commander-In-Chief was the man who'd become the first President, George Washington. The most notable commanders beneath him were Benedict Arnold and Mad Anthony Wayne.?æ

Benedict Arnold died on April 30, of 1739. He is most well-known for his act of treason during the Revolutionary War.

Benedict Arnold is considered by many to be the biggest traitor in American history. He was an American general during the Revolutionary War who betrayed his country.

During the Revolutionary War, what did traitors do?

in My opinion George Washington,(ovcoarse),Green, and Benedict Arnold. (before he turned into a filthy blood traitor.

Benedict Arnold is the most well known traitor in history after switching sides during the Revolutionary War. While serving as a Major General in the Continental Army, Benedict became bitter about perceived slights. He felt he was being passed over for promotions and had been accused of corruption by fellow patriots.

The traitor was Benedict Arnold, he went on the British side and told our secrets during the war. Soon after the war he moved on to Canada to live their. Later he got sick and he died alone in Canada.

Benedict Arnold was a traitor to the United States during the Revolutionary War.

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