Did Beyonce get bullied?


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Beyonce did get bullied.

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Yes she was she was called fat and chubby at age 10. And with black girls if your a little lighter and have longer hair then them they grow jealous and become vicious but beyonce is now one of the richest, beautiful women in the world

pretty much everyone has been bullied or will be bullied

there is about 160,000 students in America who are bullied or get bullied

beyonce is. beyonce: 27 solange:24

No Beyonce is not single. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

beyonce was in cater to you her sister was not

I'm not sure if she got bullied in school but last year she was bullied a bit.

maybe she did get bullied , but u should ask her if she ever been bullied.

Hey, It's not just you. I want to get bullied bullied to. I mean I really want to get bullied. I think we want to get bullied because it'll fill some sort of void or gap that we have in our lives.

No, Jesus never got bullied.

Most people who are bullied will be hurt and perhaps angry at those who bullied them, but they will move on and realize that the people who bullied them usually have issues of their own that they take out on others.

Yes. Bullied means say people are bullying you, you might say i have been bullied. So pretty much Bullied is the past tense of bullying.

I beat up all the bully's at my school. :)

Yes, his father bullied him. When he joined the death eaters both his father and Voldemort bullied him.

Thirty percentage of children who have been in a school setting have been bullied.

No beyonce is not pregnant

No, Beyonce is a woman.

no beyonce does not have vitiligo

No, Beyonce is Christian.

No, Beyonce has an iPhone

what is beyonce singnificance.

does beyonce have a kik

Beyonce G. Knowles does have a mom named Tina Knowles she is Beyonce clothes designer! Beyonce said once in a interview,'that if it was not for her mom and dad she would have not been here!' Beyonce works with her mom with derion a clothing line by Beyonce and Tina(mom of beyonce). Tina and Mattew(father of Beyonce) are still togther...

about 9/10 kids get bullied

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