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no the Chevy nova never came two door in a wagon

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Q: Did Chevrolet make a 2 door nova wagon?
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Did Chevrolet offer the Super Sport package on the 4 door nova?


Will 1969 Nova seats fit in a 1964 Nova wagon?

you can make them fit but I doubt if there a bolt in.

Did Chevrolet offer the super Sport package on the Nova 4 door?

No, Chevy SS only came in a two door, good luck

Did they make a 4 door nova?

yes they did.

Who made the nova?

the nova was made by Chevrolet.

How many years was the Chevrolet Nova made?

Chevrolet Nova production lasted 23 years, and was alternating. there are 5 editions of the Chevrolet Nova. see the link below (related links).

What kind of car did Eddie Murphy have in 48 hours?

Chevrolet Nova, a crappy blue Chevrolet Nova.

How much did a Chevrolet nova cost in 1974?

I have a 1974 nova CUSTOM(4-door) 350 with (ac) and it costed $3125 from the dealership in November 1974. I still have the original bill of sale.

Will doors from a 4 door nova fit a 2 door nova?


What where the factory tire specs 1963 Chevy nova?

Look on the drivers door post, under the trunk, or glove box, for the correct size for your Nova. 600-13 is the OEM size for a standard Nova and 650-13 for the SS, wagon, and 400.

How many Chevy Nova made in total?

The Chevrolet Nova had a production run of more than 2.3 million vehicles. The Chevrolet Nova model was introduced in 1963.

Will a windshield in a 1979 nova 4 door fit in a 1978 2 door nova?

a 4 door nova can only accept another windshield from another 4 door nova or an equivalent gm mid size vehicle a 2 door nova can only accept a 2 door sedan windshield

What year make and model did Chevrolet first do a 4 in the floor transmission?

I believe it was the 64 Chevy Nova

Can you make a four door nova into a two door?

you could weld up the back doors but it will still not look like a 2 door.

What other cars back seat will fit in a 71 nova?

68 to 74 Chevrolet Nova (Chevy II). 72 to 74 Pontiac Ventura II. 72 to 74 Oldsmobile Omega. 72 to 74 Buick Apollo. 2 door or 4 door to match your car.

Is it 'Noba' or 'Nova'?

The character and anime title is spelled "Noba."The Chevrolet vehicle, or an exploding star, is a nova.

Car that starts letter n?

Chevrolet Nova

Where is the ignition module on a 1986 Chevrolet Nova?

It is in the distributor.jd

What year was the Chevrolet nova first made?


Does a 1967 Chevrolet Nova use the same key for all locks and the ignition?

No, door locks & trunk-one key; Ignition- different key; I know-I have one

Will a 1970 nova door latch fit a 1971 nova?


Is nova a car?

There is a Chevy Nova, a vehicle made by the GM company Chevrolet, from 1962 to 1979. (For the astronomical nova, see the related question)

What is a make or model of car that starts with N?

Nash was a make of car. Nova is a car model that was manufactured by Chevrolet. New Yorker is a Chrysler model.

What is the maximum speed of Chevrolet nova manual 4-cylinder 90hp 1962?

The maximum speed of Chevrolet Nova manual 4cyl 90hp 1962 is 100-111.

What is the maximum speed of the Chevrolet nova manual 6cyl 120HP 1962?

The maximum speed of the Chevrolet nova manual 6cyl 120HP 1962 is 90 miles per hour.