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yes! Chris Brown attacked rihanna and it was horrible. it was suppose to be a secret, but i don't think that is going to well. chris brown and rihanna did not peform at the GRAMMY Awards 2009. aww! and chris brown did get arrested. go to YouTube and type in: a picture of rihanna getting attacked by chris

we all feel sorry or rihanna! shame on you chris brown! hope you feel better, rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown Girlfriend?

Rihanna but chris beat her up so maybe

Where did Chris Brown beat his girlfriend?

hahaha i dont know you tell me

What bad things did Chris Brown do?

he beat up his ex girlfriend rihanna.

What religon is chris brown?

Chris Brown is a very controversial singer, as he supposedly beat up ex-girlfriend Rihanna. He is believed to be a Christian.

Will Chris Brown ever get a girlfriend?

Chris Brown will get a girlfriend when he finds the right woman for him.

When is Chris Brown girlfriend?

chris brown doesn't have a girlfriend him and rihanna are just friends.

Who does Chris Brown like?

Who Chris Brown LikesChris Brown likes his new girlfriend who is a model.

What did Chris Brown do to Rhianna?

Chris Brown beat her up.

What did Chris Brown do to Rihanna?

Chris Brown beat her up.

Do you like you Chris Brown?

Yes. == == No. Yes I like Chris Brown a lot.No because Chris Brown already has a girlfriend and he is dating a model.No because Chris Brown already has a girlfriend and he is dating a model.

Who does Chris Brown love?

Chris Brown loves his new girlfriend who is a model.

Do Chris Brown have a wifegirlfriend?

Yes Chris Brown has a girlfriend. She is the singer Rihanna.

Who do Chris Brown go out with now?

Chris Brown doesn't have a girlfriend right now.

Why did Chris Brown beat up rihana?

because Chris Brown was mad at her.

Did drake beat up Chris Brown?

No, Drake did not fight Chris Brown.

Who is Chris Brown gilfriend?

Chris Brown just broke up with his girlfriend who is a model, so right now Chris Brown is single.

Is it true that Chris Brown beat Rihanna?

Yes it is true that chris brown who is a jerk did beat rihanna for no reason and for your info all the people out there who like chris brown still think about this what if you were in that car with him and he beat you how would you like it???

Did Michael jasckson die before or after Chris Brown beat Rihanna?

Michael Jackson died after Chris Brown beat Rihanna.

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