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The sex lives of celebrities/singers will remain private on WikiAnswers.

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Did Chris Brown get Cassie pregnant?

Chris Brown did not get Cassie pregnant.

Did Chris Brown go out with Cassie?

No Chris Brown did not go out with Cassie.

Is Cassie older than Chris Brown?

Yes Cassie is older than Chris Brown. She is 3 years older than Chris Brown.

Is Chris Brown going out with Cassie?


Does Chris Brown like Cassie?


Is singer Cassie crushing on Chris Brown?

No...she's 2 busy crushing on Diddy!!

When did Cassie Brown die?

Cassie Brown died in 1986.

When was Cassie Brown born?

Cassie Brown was born in 1919.

Did rihanna sleep with Chris Brown?

Rihanna and Chris Brown had an on-off relationship that was quite volatile. It is likely that Rihanna did sleep with Chris since they were together for so long but they broke up after he was physically violent towards her.

Does Chris Brown have aids at all?

no why wld chris brown have aids he is not depressed or sad to sleep around with the wrong type of women

How does Chris Brown sleep?

he does but he has dreams of rihanna seaking revenge so he wakes up and doesn't sleep

Was Cassie in Chris Brown's music video ''Crawl''?

Yes, Cassie was in Chris Brown's music video Crawl.

Did Chris Brown sleep with Rihanna?

WikiAnswers does not give out such personal information about anybody.

What is the name of Chris Brown first CD?

Chris Brown Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown and shannon brown brothers?

No, Chris Brown and Shannon Brown are not brothers. Chris Brown does not have any brothers.

Are Shannon Brown and Chris Brown brothers?

No because Chris Brown does not have a brother.No Shannon Brown and Chris Brown are not brothers.

Who sells more records Chris Brown or rihanna?

chris brown chris brown

What color eyes does Cassie have?

She has brown eyes.

Where can you get Chris Brown?

No one can get Chris brown.

Is true Chris Brown died?

No, Chris Brown did not die. Chris Brown is still alive.

Who has more money Chris Brown or rihanna?

chris brown sorry rihanna

What the name of Chris Brown street?

chris brown or chris breezy.

What is Chris Brown brown real name?

Who is Chris Brown Brown?Christopher Maurice Brown brown

Is Chris Brown kin to shannon brown?

no, Chris brown does not have a brother

Does Chris Brown like Charlie Brown?

Ask chris brown