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Claude Monet, he signs it Claude Monet

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Q: Did Claude Monet ever sign his watercolor paintings C Monet?
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How did Claude Monet change people's lives?

By painting some of the best-loved paintings ever.

Did Claude Monet ever remarry?

Yes, claude monet did remarry. he remarried alice

Did Claude Monet ever get married?


Did Claude Monet ever receive any rewards?


What you think about Monet's paintings?

I think so many people love his paintings that he must be one of the most popular painters ever.

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What was the highest price ever paid for a Claude Monet painting?

The most expensive Monet painting sold was auctioned off at a final amount of L 19.8 million (nineteen point eight million British pounds) to an anonymous telephone bidder. It took place at Sotheby's in London, England in 1998 Answer 2: New record set in June 2008. Monet's 'Bassin aux nymphéas' was sold at Sotheby's for 41 million pounds.

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