Did Clementine Churchill have any brothers or sisters?

Clementine Churchill (nee Clementine Ogilvy Hozier) had three siblings:

  • Kitty Ogilvy Hozier (born 15 April 1883, died 5 March 1900)
  • William Ogilvy Hozier (born 2 April 1888, death not known)
  • Margaret Nelly Ogilvy Hozier (born 3 April 1888, died 1 February 1955)

Kitty died from typhoid fever at the age of 16.

Willliam served in the Royal Navy and reached the rank of Lieutenant.

Margaret was known by her middle name, opting to spell it Nellie though, instead of Nelly.

As you can see from the dates of birth, William and Nellie were twins, although Nellie was born the day after her brother.