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Did Cleopatra have any cats?


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March 03, 2015 5:35PM

As far as we know, no, she did not have any cats, at least as personal pets. If they ever find her grave perhaps more information as to her pets will emerge. But remember, cats were sacred in ancient Egypt, so there's a good chance that Cleopatra would have had several cats running around the palace.

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December 22, 2014 2:31PM

There is no real mention of any domestic cats in Cleopatra's household even if she was Pharaoh. Since Cleopatra was Greek, not Egyptian, it is unclear whether she was a devotee of Egyptian religion or not. It is known that she maintained her residence in Alexandria, but the question remains, did she worship in the Egyptian manner?

If she did, then the cat would have been part of her household. Bastet was a well followed Egyptian goddess, identified by the Greek Cleopatra as Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon. Since the physical representation of Bastet is a domestic cat, it would seem certain that there were cats in her household.

But did she personally have a named cat? No one knows.