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Did Coty Wild Musk Oil have another scent besides original and patchouli?

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I used to buy coty sandlewood oil and also coty amber oil from boots chemist in 1972. Wild musk is not ther same as 1970@s version.

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What is a patchouli plant?

Patchouli is an herb in the mint family. The oil from patchouli plants has a strong scent and is commonly used in soap and perfume.

What is the benefit of patchouli oil and perfume?

The oils used in perfume, whether it be patchouli or another variety, can serve many purposes. The oil can help with the longevity of the perfume's scent on the wearer, it can provide a nurturative effect to the skin, and in some cases can add its own unique scent into the perfume's particular blend.

Where and when patchouli was discovered?

Patchouli has been used for centuries in perfumes and incense and still is today. The word derives from the Tamil word, patchai. During the 18th and 19th century, silk traders from China travelling to the Middle East packed their silk cloth with dried patchouli leaves to prevent moths from laying their eggs on it. Europeans thus came to equate the scent of patchouli with luxury.

What current perfume has a green scent mixed with citrus flowers patchouli warm tones amber and musk?

Enjoli Cologne

What is the connection between witches and patchouli oil?

Patchouli is often used by neopagan witches to tap into the energies of the Earth element. As a symbol of the nurturing power of minerals, plants and trees, the strong scent of patchouli oil is thought to reinforce spells for healing, wealth, protection, fertility and sexuality. Some witches consider patchouli the most powerful of all essential oils for spellcraft.Because it is associated with the Earth and is thought to repel evil spirits and vengeful ghosts, patchouli powder is sometimes called "graveyard dirt". Both the dust and the essential oil come from the tropical patchouli plant, Pogostemon cablin.The plant is also used to make perfumes, but patchouli-based blends are often considered "cheap" because the intense forest-like smell of patchouli tends to overwhelm the scents of all other ingredients and ruin the perfume's complexity.

Can you use patchouli oil on your skin?

Yes, patchouli has a long history as a fragrance oil (very nearly every hippie of the sixties wore it, some still do). It is an ingredient in a large number of commercial fragrances (mostly for men), is used in aromatherapy and magic as well. If the scent is too strong (and some folk find it so) you can dilute it with any good carrying oil. Do be advised, pure patchouli oil will stain clothing so be carefull how and where you apply it.

What happens when you open a bottle of perfume in a corner?

It explodes in a puff of scent 100 x the original power, you can die from the exposure to the scent

Will moth balls effect a canines scent?

Not permanently, but can be used to perhaps cover another scent.

What is another word for light perfume?


Another word for scent or aroma?

fragrance ;-D

What is another word for scent?

smell, odour, aroma

How long can a dog smell another dog's scent?


What does a 4d movie mean?

Includes scent or another dimension.

Why sampaguita as scent?

because sampaguita is sweetly scented tropical flower and besides sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines and Indonesia.

Where can one buy the original red perfume?

Elizabeth Arden's 'Red Door Velvet' perfume is different from the original 'Red Door' perfume offered, with a stronger scent. This older scent is more difficult to find, but some shops such as 99Perfume claim to carry it.

What are some of the prominent scents in Givenchy Very Irresistible perfume?

One of the prominent scents in the Givenchy Very Irresistible is the Amarige D'Amour scent. Another prominent scent in the line is the Absolutely Irresistible scent.

What is another word for someone who smells?


What is another word for smell?


What is another word for fragrance?

there are several, there is scent, aroma, smell,odour

What is a homonym pair meaning a smell or odor and a coin?

A "scent" is a smell or odor. A "cent" is a US coin. Another homophone for scent and cent is "sent."

What scents are in Youth Dew perfume?

Youth Dew perfume by Estee Lauder retails for $34 for a 2.25 ounce bottle. The scents that are in this perfume are peach, orange, clove, cinnamon, rose, orchid, amber, vanilla and patchouli. There are a few other scent notes mixed in.

What does Bella smell like to Edward besides blood?

he says she has a "nice scent, somehow floral" and a hint of "freesia" lol that`s what he said... :]

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Why do other dogs kill another dogs puppies?

because of a humans scent

Jovan Fresh Patchouli used to be your signiture scent but Im bout anfd cant find it anywere Does anyone know where you can get it or possibley order it?

I too am searching for this product, i loved it! The only place i can find it at this time is on ebay, but it is over twice what i paid for it at Wal-mart! Good Luck!