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Q: Did Dolly Parton have affairs while married?
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Who has sold more records Celine Dion or Dolly Parton?

celine deon because she has 175,000,000 while dolly parton only has 120,000,000

Is crystal gayle dolly partons sister?

No as Crystal Gayle's real name is Brenda Webb, while Dolly Parton's name is her own real name.

What do Dolly Parton's nieces and nephews call her?

While most simply call her Aunt Dolly, there is a twist. When Dolly and her husband got their large house in Nashville, five of Dolly's younger siblings moved in with them. When those siblings had kids, everyone came up with the idea that they would call Dolly 'Aunt Granny' and her husband 'Uncle Peepaw', as they felt they were more like grandparents.

What is a sentence using candid?

While many celebrities have every word of an interview written out ahead of time, Dolly Parton is consistently honest and candid with the media.

Use the word candid in a sentence?

While many celebrities have every word of an interview written out ahead of time, Dolly Parton is consistently honest and candid with the media.

Did John Wayne have any affairs?

He did, some while he was married, some when he wasn't.

Dolly Parton song used in John McCain campaign Did she give permission to use Nine to Five?

While on the campaign trail, many politicians use songs without permission. Dolly does not express her political views and claims only to be patriotic, so it is highly unlikely that Dolly would let any politically affiliated group use her music.

Why did they execute Catherine Howard?

She had adulterous affairs while she was married to King Henry VIII of England which is not something you did to Henry.

Did Zeus have 8 affairs with Hera?

Since they are married, by definition, Zeus cannot have an affair with Hera because she is his wife. Are you asking how many had had while he was married to her?

What is the meaning of adultery?

Adultery means to cheat on your spouse while married. This is also known as extramarital affairs in modern society.

When do you say 'compare with' and 'compare to'?

"He compared me TO Dolly Parton" means he suggested I was comparable to her or put me in the same class; "He compared me WITH Dolly Parton" means he instituted a detailed comparison, or pointed out where and how far I resembled or failed to resemble her. Source: H.W. Fowler.In informal speech they are interchangeable. In writing, "compare with" means examine in order to note similarity or difference, while "compare to" means to suggest similarity. Further, in the sense of being worthy of comparison, only " compare with" is correct: Words do not compare with actions. Source: American Heritage Dictionary

Did Zeus ever have affairs with another woman while being married to hera?

Zeus had affairs with countless women, both mortal and immortal. This explains why Hera, who was never unfaithful herself, was such a jealous wife.

Did Whitney Houston know Dolly Parton?

Not necessarily. While they might have met at some Hollywood function, there is no evidence they were friends. Also, contrary to some reports, they did not meet as a result of Dolly's hit country song "I Will Always Love You." According to movie star Kevin Costner, he and his secretary loved that song and they were the ones who suggested it for Whitney Houston to sing in "The Bodyguard." Most reports say that the two famous singers (Dolly and Whitney) knew about each other, but it is not clear whether they ever spent any time together.

What did Aphrodite do that was wrong?

Aphrodite had many love affairs and many children with many people while she was married. none of these people were her husband. Answer 2: Love affairs, yes. But only ONE child: Eros (also known as Cupid).

Did John Wayne have affairs?

He did have relationships with women between marriages of which there were three. Did he have affairs while married, he did have at least one, Pat Stacey. His secretary and Wayne became involved before his split with third wife Pilar. If there were others I have not heard of them.

How many percent of affairs between married people last?

ANSWER:It depends on the person who's having the affairs, but if the affair is only sex, it will not last before the married man finds another one that can satisfy him. But if the married man fell in love with the other woman, it will last for a while until or if the wife discover it.

Did Benito Mussolini get married?

yes he did. He got married to Rachele Guidi. But he had many affairs withother women while he was marrid. He eventually had 5 kids from Rachee Guidi named: Edda, Vittorio, Bruno, Romano, and Anna Maria

Car Dolly?

form_title=Car Dolly form_header=Drive you own car while moving with a dolly attached! Get it installed with help from certified moving professionals. What is the make of the vehicle you will be attaching the dolly to? =_ How long will you need to rent the car dolly? =_ How far will the car be transported? =_ When do you need the dolly? =_

What is the difference between foreign affairs and domestic affairs?

foreign affairs are issues that our nation share with other countries, while domestic affairs are the problems/issue that lies within our own border.

Did John McCain have an affair?

Numerous affairs that he admitted to. * Divorced his first wife, swimsuit model Carol Shepp after she was disfigured in an automobile accident. Married Cindy the following month. * His first wife threw him out because of his affair with Cindy Hensley--the woman he's married to now. * He has admitted to having affairs while he was an active military member. This is in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and is normally punishable by a Dishonorable Discharge from the military. ~

Current affairs in India?

If i am right you are looking for current affairs in India , You may be preparing for any competitive examination , while it is worth reading the current affairs at exampappa dot com current-affairs section , it is very crisp and up to the point

Definition of domestic affairs?

Domestic Affairs are relations within your own group, country, or region, as opposed to Foreign Affairs, which are relations with other groupd, regions, or countries. For example, California doing business with Florida would be considered Domestic Affairs, while the US doing business with China would be considered Foreign Affairs.

Who does Lorelai impersonate while trying to get Luke to speak about his business success?

Louis Armstrong In "dolly"

What does the letter A symbolize in The Scarlet Letter?

In the Scarlet Letter, the letter "A" symbolizes adultery because Hester committed adultery with Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, even though she was married to Roger Chillingworth, who had sent her to America while he settled his affairs in Europe.

Does getting married while prison cut your time?

If you get married while you are in prison, you prison sentence will not be cut. Getting married while is prison has nothing to do with your sentence in any way.