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No he didnt, he mainly stayed in China, and Ontario.


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Telegraph Cove is a 4 hour drive north of Nanaimo.

Well Nanaimo BC is on Vancouver Island, so if you want to go to other cities on Vancouver island from Nanaimo, it would cost about $10-45 depending on where you go.

It is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

467 Miles or 751 Km, from Nanaimo to Grand Prarie.

Frontside in Rutherford has them in stock some times. Boathouse in nanaimo has them.

From Vancouver you take a 2 hour ferry ride to Nanaimo, and from Nanaimo to Comox the driving distance is only 130 km.

The distance in 24 kms from Vancouver BC to Nanaimo BC. If you take the ferry its 1 hour and 30 minutes, and both sea planes, and airplanes to Nanaimo airport, or Nanaimo's waterfront are 20 minutes each.

It's about 2 hours, depending on how fast you go.

It is 771 miles according to Google Maps.

Easiest way is drive from Victoria to Nanaimo, take a ferry from there to Horseshoe Bay, then drive north to Whistler.

Diana Krall was born in nov 16 in Nanaimo BC Canada.

Butts Giraud is a former professional Athlete, Businessman, and Musician now living in Nanaimo, BC Canada

Harbour Air / Westcoast Air based in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo (BC Canada).

You can probably find a beanie hat at a trinket store on the waterfront. As well in the Old City Quarter.

Departure Bay Ferry Terminal 680 Trans Canada Highway Nanaimo, BC V9S 5R1

We wont know until further notice. I am sorry, look at the on the day or closer to the day.

2-3 day depending on if its a holiday or not. If its a holiday it takes about a week. Or you can fly it express in a day.

The spider you are describing is mainly found in Australia. Its called a red back. Very Very Poisonous.

There is one that goes to Nanaimo from Horsehoe Bay in North Vancouver and one that goes to Victoria from Tsawassen. The ferry company is BC FErries, go to their web site for more information.

Nanaimo, BC, Canada is located in the central part of Vancouver Island, the way the streets spread away from the center of the city look like a hub, so the city is often called Hub City. This is a great city to tour by car, spend some time outdoors and go for a hike in a beautiful location. Taking a car adventure is recommended you are sure to find unusual keepsakes, such as willow furniture, handmade birdhouses and stained glass sculptures. Visit the farm Yellow Point Cranberries and pick up a bottle of preserves. Hiking down Cable Bay Trail takes about an hour and you will wind up next to the water. You may even see sea lions that enjoy warming themselves in the sun. Nanaimo is an adventurous city with a wide variety of things to do when you are on vacation. Make sure you have room in your suitcase for the treasures you’ll be bringing home with you.

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