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Did Edward John Eyre name any places?


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November 12, 2008 10:45AM

On 1 May 1839, Eyre departed Adelaide to explore countryside to the north. He discovered excellent countryside just north of Adelaide and rich, alluvial soil around today's Hutt River. It was on this journey that he discovered and named Mount Remarkable. Eyre finally arrived at the head of Spencer Gulf on 15 May 1839, where he discovered and named Depot Creek. Eyre then left Adelaide in June 1840 to explore north towards the centre of Australia. He encountered salt lake after salt lake: each time he attempted to go around a salt lake, he found his way barred by yet another. On 2 September 1840, Eyre climbed and named a peak which gave him a vista of shimmering salt lakes in every direction. His feelings were certainly reflected in the naming of "Mt Hopeless".