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No..but Michael Jackson did marry Elvis's daughter Lisa.

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Did Elvis Presley like Michael Jackson?

It's hard to say as they didn't personally know each other, Elvis and Michael met once when Elvis took a young Lisa Marie to see the Jackson 5 perform at a show.

Did rebbie Jackson like Michael Jackson?

ofcource, Michael was a brother of rebbie Jackson, they loved each other very much

Is Skai Jackson on Jessie related to Michael Jackson?

None of them are related to each other.

Did Michael Jackson and Rebbie Jackson know each other?

Yes, they were brother and sister before michael died in 2009.

Did Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston know each other?

Yes, they knew each other and were friends.

Is Elly Jackson Michael Jackson's sister?

No, they are not related to each other.

Did Lil Wayne know Michael Jackson?

No they didn't know each other.

Did prince and Michael Jackson like each other?

They met each other a few times and got on quite well.

Did Michael Jackson and 2pac ever meet?

did Michael Jackson know 2pac letter to my unborn child- the sound in the back is Michael Jackson's... so the question abt Michael Jackson meet tupac yes they met each other

Was Michael Jackson as the king of pop as famous as Elvis Presley the king of rock and roll?

Most definitely, and may have been even more famous. You see Michael Jackson has been been performing for 45 years since he was 5!(Michael Jackson would play with brothers in clubs around there home) And Elvis Presley has only started his career in 1954 and ended it in 1977 when he died which is only 23 years! Elvis was very great, the best of rock and roll! I too enjoyed his music thoroughly, and was very very sad that he died! But now it has been so long since he has died and we still haven't forgotten him, BUT we have a new star on our hands called Michael Joseph Jackson. They were both kings, not just Elvis Presley. Here are some categories which I have listed!Singing: Tie! BOTH WERE SINGING KINGSDancing: Michael Jackson, Elvis was great but the moonwalk and so many other moves make Michael Jackson the winner of this categoryLooks: Elvis Presley, Michael was very good looking back in the late 70's and early 80's but he started to look a little shaky as the 21st century came which makes The King of Rock and Roll the winner of this categoryClothes: TIE! Both had different styles but Michael Jackson had more of a variety but it is still hard to say because of there different stylesEntertainment: TIE! Everyone would get goosebumps when either KING showed up!So that means this is how it is! Michael Jackson: 1 point Elvis Presley: 1 pointTHEY WERE BOTH KINGS AND I KNOW THAT THE WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT FRIENDS IF THEY HAD KNOWN EACH OTHER!

Did Michael Jackson get along with his dad?

They were civilized with each other but they did not have a healthy father-son relationship.

Did Michael Jackson and Prince had a beef?

Friendly rivalry as artists but they had great respect for each other.

Are Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor buried next to each other?

They are not next to each other but they are both entombed in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn.

Did Michael Jackson date Omers mom in 1984?

Michael Jackson and Pia Bhatti never dated and didn't know each other in 1984, the Bhatti family first met Michael in the mid 90's.

Are Michael Jackson and prince enemies?

No, they had a friendly rivalry but they respected each other greatly and got on quite well.

Did Prince and Michael Jackson dislike each other?

No, they had a friendly rivalry as artists, but they actually got on quite well.

How many songs did Michael Jackson do?

Michael Jackson wrote over 100 songs With about 12-16 songs on each album.

Did marlon Jackson die?

the only kids that have died is BRANDON JACKSON AND MICHEAL JACKSON now they can now see each other in heaven rest in peace MICHEAL AGUST 29 1958-june 25 2009

Does Michael Jackson and prince now each other?

yes, they performed a few times together when James brown was alive

Did Michael Jackson value his family?

yes Michael has said "don't believe the media lies I'm very close to my family and we love each other a lot"

Are Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson brothers?

Of course not. Oprah is a woman, and Michael was a man, so they could not be brothers, nor could they be sisters. But if you are asking whether they were related to each other, the answer is also no. They were friendly to each other, and by most accounts, Oprah liked and cared about Michael; but they were not from the same family.

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